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Today, my 12-year-old daughter glued her left eyelid shut with fake eyelash glue. After spending 4 hours in the ER, I asked her why she did it. "I wanted to get Blake to notice me," she said. Blake is our neighbor's convict son. FML
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AnnoyedSister tells us more.

Hi everybody! OC here. I guess I didn't put enough details in my FML as I could: So I'll tell you all the WHOLE story. Blake is 17 years old. Yes he is a convict currently on parol. I cannot remember exactly WHAT he did, but I believe it was either Breaking and Entering or he stole a car. I'm not positively sure. Also: I could not get off the eyelash glue with warm water or make up remover because her eyelashes were going inward towards her eye and frankly, my daughter wouldn't stay still long enough for me to even try. To all the commenters who said "Keep an eye on your daughter." Nice pun. But she is twelve years old so I'm pretty sure even if I tried to pay attention she'd say something along the lines of "Go away mom!" Or "What do you want?!" So yeah. Blake also does NOT flirt with my daughter (thank goodness) and they've only met once, when they moved in. The funny thing is, he can't even get her name right. Her name is Violet, but he insists on calling her Veronica. So, no marriage plans yet! Yay!

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You should tell her that the boys that will only notice her for her looks aren't the kind of boys she should be after.


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Teenage girls...they can definitely be a problem. Instead of leaving the matter to resolve itself by chance, the OP needs to teach her what she is doing wrong.

Excuse me #78? How dare you call this girl a teen when she's OBVIOUSLY a tween. (Sarcasm)

I was thinking maybe a 12 gram slug right to the sack to instill whos boss around these parts and to make sure blake wont be getting too frisky with said daughter... Or anyone. Ever again.

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#67 then op will be spending the next few decades in jail for attempted murder for shooting a guy who probably doesn't even know their daughter exists

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probably more like assault with a deadly weapon.

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What evidence of that is there in the fml?

There isn't any evidence, that's why it's a guess.

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Terrible guess since it says ex-convict and you can't be convicted at 16

Juvenile? You can be convicted. Just not the same punishment as an adult.

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#43 at what point does it say EX convict?

There's a junior at my high school who has to wear one of those trackers on her ankle because she got arrested. Some people say its because she beat up her mom. So yeah, it's possible

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71, well since he's at home you can only assume he's an ex convict.

You should tell her that the boys that will only notice her for her looks aren't the kind of boys she should be after.

Well, in fairness... Looks are generally how you get noticed. "Loving" someone for their looks, on the other hand...

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Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do?

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Unless you are a demisexual which means you are only attracted to people once an emotional bond has formed.

It's true that a person's physical appearance can catch ones eye, but it shouldn't be the only reason to associate with someone. relationships based solely on physical attraction never end well.

I thought I felt a disturbance in the Force earlier...

This comment is probably the best I've seen on FML.

#39 Then you probably haven't been here very long.

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This is the best response ever

#92, no, I just have a sense of humor.

Glue Blake's eye shut and see if she notices...

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Where in the fml did it say Blake was hitting on the daughter

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I'm wondering how she managed to glue her eye shut... Eyelash glue comes off with warm water and makeup remover ...

Yes, brilliant idea. Let's put makeup remover and warm water on a child's eye. What could go wrong?

Warm water is just fine... It's no different than washing your face or taking a shower.

Many 12 year olds wear make up everyday, so using a cleansing product to remove it is not uncommon. It's less harsh then many of the acne washes kids of the same age use and is also designed to remove eye make up. It's not really a dangerous nor unheard of idea.

As someone who made the mistake of gluing fake eyelashes to real eyelashes a few years back (preteen Halloween disaster), that stuff can get pretty messy pretty quick. It took me awhile to get the glue off my eyelashes and even then they were still sticky. Sounds like she put glue everywhere and it dried before the parents could intervene.

I think 12 was thinking about nail polish remover which is quite different than makeup remover, which is ok for the eye.

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the stuff is like paste. it just rubs and peels off.

There's always that one commenter trying to be edgy, I use makeup remover on my eyes all the time. And they said WARM WATER not scorching hot water. Make up remover is made for the face, especially the eyes. Since eyeliner can be a bitch to get off. And the way it seems though, is that if they had to go to the hospital chances are OPs daughter didn't use actual eyelash glue. Maybe super glue or mixed it up with nail glue perhaps. Since both eyelashes and nails are usually in the cosmetic isle.

#23 was right. I was just mildly uneducated, but that makes total sense. Thanks, folks!

I'm wondering the same thing. Maybe she got mixed up with nail glue? They can look pretty similar.

I think it's awkward how I know so much about feminine products. I'm a guy. FML