By Anonymous - 22/12/2013 19:10 - Israel

Today, I asked my lazy daughter to go make her bed. She responded by lighting our garbage bin on fire. FML
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JoeGrant 12

Your request got her fired up, it seems.


jaycee1209 5

My thoughts exactly, so she can't make her bed but she finds the time to light the garbage can on fire? hmm I wonder lol.

I recommend therapy and a hard dose of discipline.

whiskeey 14

Did she also by chance light candles around a sleeping friend and chant in a different language? I'll go get the holy water!

jazzy_123 20

Honestly I feel sorry for OP's daughter. I don't want to be stereotypical or anything, but being a lazy woman is going to bring a lot of hardship. I know this because my uncle is married a lazy woman who doesn't clean or cook and waits for him to come home from work to cook. He complains about her all the time even when she's there. Its pretty sad. I wouldn't want my husband talking about me that way.

Kids can't do anything right these days..

56 - Good point. Having the values of cleanliness and hard work instilled young is good. Not that I agree that the woman should be doing all of the cooking, but if one partner in a relationship stays home (male or female), then I believe it is their prerogative to take care of the bulk of the household work. I'm a slightly lazy housekeeper (dust builds up, I wait until dog hair tumbleweeds float around to vacuum), but my kitchen and bathroom are always spotless, and the rest of the house is acceptably tidy.

Psycho? I would be mad too, if I had to sleep in a garbage bin.

#56 why doesn't your Uncle leave her because neither partner should expect the other to do everything

I'm left wondering how old psycho child is! Although, I'm the one who sleeps in it, so I've never seem why it should be up to someone else if my bed is made. Maybe the child thought the same.

jazzy_123 20

67, he was planning on it since my cousins are old enough, 16 and 18, but then she got pregnant with my baby cousin who's 3 now, and since she doesn't work, my uncle is the only one bringing anything to the table. I know people think "you shouldn't do it because of the kids it'll hurt more" but it's hard because where is his wife going to go? so yeah, that's why he didn't end up leaving.

I wouldn't live to see the next day if that was me

anyone ever seen any of the nanny shows? Its almost always the parents fault for allowing their kids to be lazy. Because they don't want to put forth the effort to get them in line. Then at a late teen year, the parents try to get involved and over do it, confusing the kid who then lights things on fire. . . not saying what the little shit did was ok but I don't feel bad for OP at all. My mother was one of those moms that were too involved in their own life to teach us kids how to be self sufficient, how to really clean and the joy of keeping things clean. Our home was never clean. The only time we cleaned it was for punishment, I am 32 and still feel like cleaning is a chore/punishment I struggle with all the time. I love my house being clean and its so emotionally fulfilling when it is but I HATE doing it.

Scynistr 20

I wouldn't ever say I don't feel bad for OP unless I knew for certain that she was a lazy parent. I know a great deal of people who's attitudes toward life changes based off their social circle. You never really know why a child acts the way they are.. Unless it's obvious.

79 that sounds like a big coincidence that, your uncle was ready to leave and then she gets pregnant? Hhhmmm... I'm having visions of her sitting in the bathroom, poking holes in all their condoms. Can you say "Trap"? I can. She trapped him, she planned it all. It was a set up. Feel bad for your uncle. Maybe she should pull her finger out of her arse, see her GP for some blood tests on deficiencies she could have. Something, Anything is better than nothing.

Who cares if she doesn't make her bed right? She should be the only one seeing her bed unless she invites someone else into her room or if she shares the room with a sibling. Its her bed. Even minors need to have choices in life, and one of those might be chosing whether or not to make her bed. It won't hurt anyone if she doesn't make it. She probably has other things on her mind. You never know what other people are going through. It seems like she has a lot of anger (cuz she lit the fire) so maybe she is hiding sadness? Who knows? Either way, she probably just needs someone to talk to, a therapist perhaps.

jazzy_123 20

119, no her fatass is probably too lazy to go upstairs and get them. She'd rather sit on the couch and leave her ass print on there to claim her territory.

Hope she smacked her for doing something stupid.

The daughter didn't do something stupid, she noticed her mother was cold and decided to warm the house up, while incinerating the trash in the process. Two birds with one stone!

JoeGrant 12

Your request got her fired up, it seems.

jaycee1209 5

Be careful she doesn't light your house on fire though.

Hey the fire is already started. Make her watch as her bed sheets burn.

Bed sheets are replaceable. I was thinking as her phone melted.

Lighting a fire is way simpler and less time consuming than trying to make a bed. Jeeze, that's such a waste of a good 15 seconds when I wake up when I could be setting fire to shit.

#25 no way this kid would just watch her phone melt, she'd at least try to save it

jazzy_123 20

I think I'd just make smores or something...

It seems like it was a miscommunication mistake. Next time you'll have to give her detailed instructions about how to make her bed. Just don't forget to include the "DO NOT LIGHT OUR GARBAGE BIN ON FIRE" step.

olpally 32

Because that's a reasonable reaction.... :/ Jesus. If I ever did that my dad would kick me out of the house.


After Mom finished beating the ever living shit outta me!

triplebeerox 27

I don't know about you but it sounds to me like your daughter may need some therapy.

Oh my god OP, sounds like a nightmare. I'm thinking its time for some tough love.

I feel a new horror movie about a girl who burns down a city in the works. Based on a true story, of course.