By xXMudkipNoobXx - 13/01/2012 01:20 - United States

Today, my mom was more upset about my 67 on an Algebra test than my sister almost setting the house on fire. FML
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daisyismydog 3

of course you never know in an FML, but OP could be a 19 year old in a level 101 algebra class and his sister could be a 2 year old that knocked over a candle


daisyismydog 3

Oh my God OP! Maybe our moms go to a convention where they teach mother's any grade under 98% is the grade of a delinquent.. I got 79% and she almost shit bricks!

Madden12 6

Yes, "almost".. OP you little brat, I bet you care more about the fact that your mom was upset over your test than you personally did about the house almost burning down. Mom and Pop are always gonna provide a roof over your head so you can bring home D's... right?

Your sister •almost• burned the house down. You •almost• failed* I think your sisters almost is worse... *in my high school 64 or under was failing, not the typical 70=pass

Exactly. We've all almost set the house on fire before, on more occasions than one....right?

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The_Troller 14

15- That sounds just like my mom! Any time my grades drop below 90 she complains about how much of a failure I am. You should've seen what happened when my teacher put a project worth 500 points in as a zero until it was completed. I ended up getting a perfect score in the end but she was freaking out about it every day until then.

xoconnie 8

#1..... I WAS GOING TO WRITE THE SAME THING AS YOU.... until i saw u already said it :(

johnrdz3 24

OP you did fail the test. your sister ALMOST burned the house down. which is worse?

Well, seriously... Your mom's right. Houses can be rebuilt. An education is a lot harder to pass successfully than setting a house on fire...

bamagrl410 31

But a house tends to cost more than an education... Though not for long with the way tuition prices are skyrocketing.

Hey dumb ass #6 what is the difference in income between someone with good education and someone like you with none? Multiple mansions... You ugly too

Ya and death by fire seems worse than failing one class.

G-sus C! Do I really have to put a /sarcasm EVERYwhere?

No. It's just that your comments are retarded.

Bro, wat is wrong with u. **** education, i wanna house

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LawSixx 11

Well that's kinda dumb of your mom to be upset over that then your sister.

If I was a mother I'd be upset with both kids, no comparing who's is worse. BUT we only know one side of the story. People have accidents, but you can't accidentally not study.

dude, it's normal if you're asian, i get the same thing all the time T.T

Maybe her sister's really young and was playing with matches or a lighter.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Light the test on fire. "You like this, Mom?! Didn't think so!" She'll probably just think you're insane and leave you alone.

The mom already seems pretty crazy, and you can't out-crazy genuine crazy.

of course you never know in an FML, but OP could be a 19 year old in a level 101 algebra class and his sister could be a 2 year old that knocked over a candle

dan13mey 0

You, sir, are not good at this. For your sake and ours, please stop.

oh no, someone on the internet doesn't like me, boohoo :'(

8 - his name is a ******* processor. He can do as he pleases

Just another jerk off hiding behind the Internet!

xSonic 9

Well I jerk off to Internet stuff too.....wait I think I read your comment wrong :/ *sigh* just slap me already guys :(

I enjoy the fact someone tried to be cool and insult Pentium and ended up getting buried by more votes than Pentium got voted up. Who's the one who isn't "good at this and for their own sake, should stop?"

xXMudkipNoobXx 7

How come your comment shows and it doesn't have the following up button?

Almost only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades. The fact is: you failed a test, your sister was unsuccessful at burning the house down. Therefore yours was worse :/

thenomad 7

67% may be a passing mark, but assuming that OP is in high school, grades should be more important than ever. My parents would have killed me for grades such as that, because they wanted me to receive as many scholarships as possible. College is expensive...

naomiomis 4

It's not a passing grade where I'm from

RedPillSucks 31

Depends on the school. Some schools, anything below 70 is a fail.

In Australia, our pass mark is usually 50%. Way to make me feel dumb, I was usually proud of myself for getting 60!

RamenForTheWin 10

Not everywhere. In my school it's a failing grade.

hahayousucks 3

I've thrown a real hand grenade... Trust me if you have to say it was almost close enough, I'd definitely was...

cadillacgal79 32

93-same for me at my school, in the U.S., anything under 50 is a fail.

well maybe because algebra is ridiculously easy and setting the house on fire takes effort!

SmallBean 12

You sir, are completely correct!

GoW_Chick 14

I bet little 'Susie' lights fires all the time, no big deal, now that grade on that algebra test, shame on you OP, how could you ...