By Anonymous - 28/03/2015 20:42 - United States - Boulder

Today, I found out that the creepy weirdo who's been sending me messages for a while is just my dad. His excuse was, "I wanted you to feel like someone would actually like you." FML
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"I'm blocking you, creep" "Hi blocking you creep; I'm dad."

Incest... A game the whole family can play!


This is wrong on so many levels. I hope you don't take it too harshly.

That is pret-ty weird. He meant well, but still.

Sorry, what was the point of that hyphen? Am I missing something?

I believe the hyphen is just to show how she's pronouncing the word "pretty". I suppose it's a bit hard to explain, but it's like exaggerating the "pret" part, then "ty".

I hope to god he wasn't saying anything really sexual! :/

Either he is a creep, lying. Or he has no sense of dadship.

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He has no merit for "dadship".

"I'm blocking you, creep" "Hi blocking you creep; I'm dad."

First comment to make me lol in a while..well played

I will never understand why people don't block their stalkers immediantly....or at least change their number

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There's a difference between "someone liking you" and "someone creepily stalking you online" but I bet in real life it was a bit sweeter of him than how you put it though

Family meeting time? Boundaries need to be set And a spotlight on dad's actions needs to occur to clear the air or to put him on notice

i hope u didn't blame him on that he just wanted his daughter to b happy

There are different and better ways to make your daughter happy.

OP said 'creepy' messages, clearly implying they weren't flattering or kind, not to mention he practically told OP they were undesirable; he is completely in the wrong.