You're so vain…

By Anonymous - 17/01/2022 05:01

Today, my girlfriend of two years took offense to a "That's what she said joke", and blew up, saying she doesn't like those jokes. She thinks that she is the "She" of the jokes every time I guess. I tried explaining how the jokes work, but she wouldn't believe me. She says that I'm just lying. FML
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arioch_fml 20

That definitely sucks. It sounds like it's the first time you've made the joke around her though, if that's how she reacts to them. I could see why she could think it's about her if that's the case.

Invite her to watch "The Office" with you.

Lucky O'Guin 18

YDI because you have to even explain it in the first place. She's obviously an idiot.