By Electro - 11/02/2016 21:51 - United States - Nashua

Today, I found out how painful it is to static shock the tip of your dick. FML
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Oh no... It's labeled under intimacy...

Stop rubbing your Wong where it don't belong


Not cool for you, but how to?

CheekyRaccoon 27

Going to assume that you want to charge your dick up aswell?

lmfao i imagined some guy with a monocle and a cane saying this.

i_live_to_vault 19

I bet the results were shocking.

Pretty predictable, actually.

The mere thought is reVolting

I find this comment thread electrifying, really.

DrProfessor777 16

Stop resisting, and enjoy the puns.

Very few puns on this FML are actually going to be entertaining.

Watt are you talking about?

Man, you guys should be more direct in your opinions, and not alternating.

I believe that was a *gets shot*...

In hospital* I believe that was a-*gets electrocuted*

You tried too hard "and that is why you fail." *In my Yoda voice*

How did I fail exactly? I got what I wanted

What's happening in this thread?

Oh my god, just leave that shit in 2014

omgitsmoe 26

How did you even managed to do that?

Stop rubbing your Wong where it don't belong

PePziNL 20

Stop putting your weewee where it shouldn't be

I have a stitch. Thank you my dear.

???... Decent life lesson

deathstroke990 22

how does that even happen

CheekyRaccoon 27

Probably humping the carpet and his dick got close to a metal object.

GeneralMotors 23

Clothing with electronegativity brushing against other clothing. That causes a charge and then it hit his naked dick

Oh no... It's labeled under intimacy...

Static shock is for amateurs. I once pissed on an electric fence.

Got drunk & humped one of those bug zappers. Sobered up pretty quick.

Well I mean don't leave us hanging, OP, how painful is it?! :p

How would You know

Only a man can understand that pain.

I'm very static-prone, since I work with a bunch of material that causes it. I've been shocked in almost every place, but yikes. That feeling must be very uncomfortable, but at least it's super short-lived. :)

snarkytruth 37

Must have been a real hair raising experience.