WTF are you doing?

By onlyolivia - 11/02/2016 19:55 - United States - Laurel

Today, we had some workers come to paint my office building. As a receptionist, it's my job to stock the fridge with soda. I walked into the supply closet just in time to find a worker peeing in a bucket. I stood there for about 10 seconds before I understood what was happening and ran out. FML
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Are you working with Justin Bieber?

Some things just can't be unseen


What an absolute pisspot...

Some things just can't be unseen

Not if you watch for 10 seconds

Are you working with Justin Bieber?

I'd piss on Justin Beiber. Just not if he was on fire.

Damn, beat me too it!

Was there no bathroom nearby? What was he planning on doing with the bucket afterwards?

PePziNL 20

Ice Bucket challenge 2.0

Oh Jesus. Why did you do this? I think I lost 95% of the air in my lungs in hysterics reading this comment.

That's very unprofessional, and probably some sort of health code violation, you should report him ew

Mathalamus 24

Finding a bathroom too difficult? Must be all the fumes.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures

I hope he disposed of it afterwards at least

jazzybaby179 22

I'm sorry you had to see that Op that's very disgusting..

He couldn't have gone to The actual toilet?