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Today, I found out how it feels to get your nut-sack caught in a belt buckle. FML
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I honestly can't comprehend how this is even possible. First he would need to be doing the belt up near his sack, and then how do you actually get it caught using a belt? I've done this with my zipper before, and that hurts like hell. Never have I ever caught it in a belt before though; you are very unlucky OP, FYI.

Nah, he was standing on his head, thus allowing his ballsack to droop into the belt buckle area of operation.

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Oh my god, this entire conversation is painful

Don't you zip your pants, therefore protecting your junk? Why would you buckle your belt before your pants are on? :O

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OP must wear his pants just slightly above the knees. "/

I never caught the whole ballsack, but i caught a pubic hair in the zipper, soooo painful

Pubes in the zipper sucks. Don't go commando!

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I'm not sure how it got stuck but I might know why his pants were there, I'll bet (figuritvly) that he's one of thoose retards that wear their pants below their asses,

ppl that wear pants below asses showing underwear are definitely retards like we really wanna see your underwear >_>

If his pants were sagging..why would his belt get caught on his balls?

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OP, if you were sagging your pants like you're "straight outta Compton" and using that belt to keep your jeans right under your ass, It's a YDI (this is the only way I can see OP in this predicament).

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well i havent had that, but ive been nearky curcumsized by my zipper

I'm sorry, but I must do this, 31... Haven't, I've, nearly, circumcised. I hate correcting people, but I had to. Even if this is, and not a thesis on Prussia.

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Put belt above, not below dick.

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Better than getting circumcised by your girlfriend's braces.

The rate he is going, if he gets a baby, it's highly probable it will be Jesus

Better than a zipper, right? Ouch none the less.

That's one fine pussy you have between your legs in your picture...sorry for probably being the 20th guy to say this, but it truly is magnificent.

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54- they should add a button for favorite comments because your comment is hilarious and worth saving :D

That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me on FML. I would save your compliment to my favorites if I could too....No **** on this remark lol.

116- What the hell happened to your hand?!?

125- thank you for having a picture that tops my comment ten fold. And it was a hunting accident, not my proudest or smartest moment. But I'm alive and have learned from it!

126- Oh, I didn't even realize that:) You're welcome I suppose!

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" I also found out what it was like to then fall over, spill my coffee on my children's bible and cry like a little girl."

I found out what a weirdo writes on FML^^

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I'm not a weirdo sir. Please apologize and I may forgive you.

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Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me

I suggest not putting a belt on while naked. The kinky sex can wait.

But he loves kinky sex. The sound of leather slapping booty... The sound of whipping boobs... The sound of exploding balls between belt buckles. Gotta love it girl! Edit: HOLY **** YOU'RE 15! I'M SO SORRY!

If didnt think someone would comment something like that I wouldnt say it. It doesnt matter to me, I've heard (and said) a lot worse

Mine was caught in a Zipper. God Forbid that happens to me again. FYL OP, and i hope you don't go through that again :x -sincerely Anther dude

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Perhaps you should think about underwear

Getting dressed can be dangerous. Hopefully that feels better quickly OP!

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How does it feel?? I'm a girl. Educate me.

Imagine something grabbing your ovaries and attempting to rip them out. Now imagine the hand doing the ripping is made of stainless steel.

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17 basically hit the nail right on the head.

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Ah, that's not too bad. Just kidding, that sounds horrible.

17, I couldn't have said it better myself.