By Username / Tuesday 2 August 2011 02:46 / United States
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  flockz  |  19

to clear things up-

"Today for the third day in a row, this asshole started bouncing on his bed and flinging his roasting fecal matter at me. i was so enraged by this act that i waited untill the little mother fucker went to sleep so i could drop a ceiling fan on his ass. But what i didnt realize was that my calculations were all wrong and i missed him completely. But this little shithead ha the audacity to take even more vile shit and smear my entire face with it, completely suffocating me. But the worst part is is that he had the balls to go on to FML and make innocent humans fall for his bitchery and say i actually nailed his gaping ass with the fan. Now i gotta wipe shit off my face. FML"

make sense now?

  flockz  |  19

im glad its clear now for all of u. i suggest everyone use their imagination once in awhile its actually kinda fun :D

even if it involves shit being smeared on walls... lol

  flockz  |  19

63- but u took the time to post a comment?

and just to everyone- if u laughed, great. if u didnt whatever i could care less. i know alot of people dont think im funny, but alot of people do so just join the "i hate flockz club" where everyone gets the enjoyment of downvoting my comments wooo.

v continue with the negative comments. v


Not just that, you could get a nasty concussion... And there is a pressure point on the back of the neck and if it gets hit hard enough it can break your neck. They tested the ceiling fan decapitation myth on mythbusters but I forgot if they proved it or not... :/

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