The big scary apple

By NYCproblems - 24/06/2013 14:06 - United States - New York

Today, my ten-year-old brother came to visit me in NYC. Within ten minutes of walking on Times Square he had seen a prostitute and a partially-naked man. He now refuses to leave my apartment and screams when I try to drag him out. He's here for the next two weeks. FML
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NavalAvaiations1 5

when I was 10, I would have thought that was awesome!


I kinda feel like it'll be like those movies where at the end of the two weeks he's a total CityBuff and will know all the prostitutes' and homeless people's names. At least I hope he does. While still being safe.

perdix 29

#2, naw, not for LIFE. When he hits puberty, his memory of seeing a ***** will suddenly become a fondle one, um, I mean a fond one.

lexi365 20
NavalAvaiations1 5

when I was 10, I would have thought that was awesome!

Damian95 16

I know, I wouldve been dragging my guardian outside!!!

#31 you should change your name to "my_comments_suk"

56 - People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Damian95 16

Well, out of 140 of my comments, about 15 have been disliked... so change your name to "Im_an_idiot" and stop bein so rash with stupid statements.

I was raised in the country, never really felt "sheltered" just "distanced" from that sort of crazy. I've since been to many large cities (the rough parts included), Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Toronto and many more. I can't stand it! I can't imagine NYC. I like my hour drive to Walmart and the bootlegger a country mile down the road. The town drunk IS found pantsless occasionally... Over all I'm with OP's lil' Bro on this one!

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Zimmington 21

Yes. I can do anything I want.

Put **** on the TV I'm sure he would run out the house. Problem kinda solved, getting him back in the house would be kinda difficult.

Something is wrong with your brother mate. . .

Or he still hasn't lost his childhood innocence

olpally 32

Lol. Just leave him in the apartment for the day. Don't let him ruin your life for the next two weeks or send him home.

#9-Leaving a 10 year old boy home alone in NYC sounds familiar for some reason.

dutch_girl13 20

Everyone get ready for home alone 4. Or would it be number 5?

he is still an innocent boy, which is pretty astonishing in this day and time. Don't ruin him OP

perdix 29

What do you mean "partially-naked?" Was penis visible? That's what is really important. Quit with your cutesy bullshit descriptors and cut to the chase. Staying holed-up 24 hours a day is a viable strategy for surviving NYC. Just bring the little bastard pizza and hot dogs for the next two weeks and ship him back to civilization at the end.

wlddog 14

The irony in this statement is how going to the "big city" means having to deal with uncivilized people. Poor kid.

ApollosMyth 22

Perdix, I instantly thought of The Naked Cowboy when reading the FML. So if I'm right, then he was wearing only underwear. Edit: Someone farther down already mentioned him.