By Anonymous - 03/09/2015 01:33 - United States - Hayward

Today, the priest at my wedding farted. Everyone thought it was me. The guests, my bride, even the priest himself looked at me in disgust before continuing. FML
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cooltatgar 31

HOLY FART Blessing in disguise LMAO

He let out the Holy Ghost. You're blessed LOL.

I am from the future, #38. You are going to be a school teacher. One day during class, a student will ask you if he/she can go to the bathroom. You will reply "I don't know, can you?"

cloco87 22

Guess the priest just had to release the demon.

koganti 18

I think it was a bad omen...very bad.

Don't jinx their marriage! I'm sure that OP, and his now wife, will grow old together. sometimes sh*t just happens. Excuse the pun

Sorry that happened OP, it's messed up to be blamed for such things.

People don't seem to understand that farting is natural, like burping or taking a piss. Sure, it's noisy, but come on, guys! Farting is as natural as having sex: it can be loud, it can be quiet, but still natural ;).

but there is a time and place for everything, you don't go having sex in public.

Yeah but sex is something you control. If you have to fart, you can't really hold it in for the entire ceremony, and you really shouldn't try. It's bad for your health

Yes. Because farts that are held in travel up to your brain, and that's where shitty ideas come from.

You don't? Where is your sense of excitement?!?

Well things would certainly have been more interesting if the priest had had sex on the alter rather than farting, who do you think it'd be? op or his wife? talk about having a naturally ****** life

Yes. There is a time & place for that aswell obviously

"Holy shit." At least he didn't do THAT at your wedding

Psycocharger 19

See, even priests aren't honest sometimes