By Anonymous - 25/11/2010 18:18 - Singapore

Today, while I was having sex with my girlfriend, I was struck with a white-hot pain, and in the confusion thought her vagina had contracted hard. It turned out it was actually my uncircumcised penis retracting for the first time in my life. FML
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yes, why don't you educate us, justin bieber?

This garbage about hygiene, uncircumcised is only unhygienic if you're unhygienic.


Can someone explain wtf op is talking about? please

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He is uncircumsized. Sometimes males find it extremely painful to retract their foreskin when they have an erection called phimosis. Phimosis is varying in intensity and sometimes you can't even retract it flaccid.

Well in terms I can understand, basically its been a long time since OP had an boner. When he got the boner it ******* hurt him.

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This garbage about hygiene, uncircumcised is only unhygienic if you're unhygienic.

yes exactly. and the fact that it had never been retracted means he had never cleaned under it, which is the way uncircumcised guys are supposed to stay hygienic.

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He may be able to wash When it is flaccid however an erect penis is much larger.

You look like the Arab version if Hitlerr!Gag

44 even if flacid the first time the skin is pulled back hurts so much

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Perhaps the people that didn't get it don't speak English as a mother language and do not know the meanings of specific words the poster used.

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kay is "trolling" while accusing others of doing the same. how ironic.

clearly your penis does not like chicks. stick to dudes. quit contaminating the female population.

It was the first time his foreskin (extra skin at the tip of the penis which is normally removed) had peeled back onto the shaft of his penis.

the op is from Singapore in that area of the works foreskin is rarely removed

foreskin is not "normally removed" in fact it's quite uncommon in most westernized parts of the world

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I feel really sorry for "most guys" in your life, and you need to get out and see the world some more -- or at least just look around the internet sometime.

No need to be rude. For the record, my college years were spent being pretty loose (I'm only 25 so it's recent and relevant), and all in all...? I'd say about... maybe 10% of the guys I've been with were uncircumcised. I keep hearing the fact that more guys are un-cut than guys that are cut, but unless this is a new thing, the numbers just don't match up. For another record, I don't really have a preference. The size and style of your penis doesn't matter, it's how you use it. IMO having a preference about someone's penis would be like saying it's OK for a guy to have a preference about how my ****** is, which is ridiculous, ignorant and rude.

i dont get it what does op meen when he says his penis retracted for the first time???

It was the first time his foreskin peeled back