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  jisaac09  |  25

LOL???? WTF??? it took you all day to pick out a plunger.... "we need to make this quick, shits getting all over my floor" "wait, should we get the wooden handle or the plastic one" "this one dont feel like a good enough one to unclog ur epic shit" "maybe we should go to another walmart this one dont seem to have the selection i desire" "but this one comes with a mini plunger for the sink"..... ????????????

By  GJMO  |  0

Shit Happens!!

YOU did not mess up his toilet in one use, not matter what you blew into it.

He has probably been flushing condoms, that will back things up in no time.

Poor you, in so many ways.

By  GJMO  |  0

How is she stupid? Just wondering , if I stay at someones place, she said she flew there, I do crunches in their bathroom! What do you wait till you fly home?

By  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

Look on the bright side, it could be worse. XD

The first time I flew to see the guy I love, I destroyed the toilet at his parents' place. I clogged it so horribly that the thing backed up and vomited its contents so much that the wave of horror reached all the way to the living room carpet outside the toilet room.

Great memories, the two of us panicking and rushing to fix the mess before his parents saw the tragedy... :X