By Anonymous - 28/04/2009 05:40 - United States

Today, I walked into the ladies restroom and was shocked to see the guy I've had a huge crush on for two years. Peeing. In the sink. FML
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HE WAS IN THE LADIES ROOM. That alone is an FML.

Maybe he knew you were comming and tryed to impress you?


lol, maybe he actually wears glasses and his eye sight is as bad as Mr. Magoo and he mistook it for a urnial.

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Sounds like he must have been drunk. For some reason, the FMLs that come from California are either really dumb or really weird.

Umm talk about a crush killer. That's honestly pretty disgusting...he's got some explaining to do.

Actually, it's easier to "hit the target" when it's a sink and your expected to wash your hands in the sink - not drink his piss out of it.

Done that, been there, got over it, moved on. /care

Bin there, done that. Had a laugh with girls who saw me /care

You should`ve asked if he needed a hand.

#4 LOL thats so great. This story sounds too weird to be bullshit but too unbelievable to be true.

Tellme... Is it better for him to do it there or in your head?? if its there its not so bad

Look on the bright side-it's better to find out now then when you're actually dating him.

Maybe he knew you were comming and tryed to impress you?

Meh. Show me a man who hasn't pissed in a sink, be it kitchen, bathroom or otherwise and I'll show you a guy who hasn't lived. At least I wipe down the basin when I'm done though. :-P