By brokeandsad - United States
Today, my boyfriend and I got into a fight about a clogged toilet. He was yelling about not having enough money to buy a better plunger and so I stormed out to buy one myself. While pulling his truck into traffic, a car hit me causing $1000 in damage. FML
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  Starchild21  |  3

Wait, if a car hit you then it's most likely not your while it's inconvenient, their insurance will cover it all.

Not a true FML

  newsgit  |  0

no necessarily. It may have been a driveway out onto a main road. Across the road is a minor road with a stop sign. OP tries to turn out into traffic and another car runs the stop sign and hits her.

By  FarSide  |  22

The plunger, the plunger!! Why can't people finish their story?? Did you get the plunger?

The guy clogged the toilet. No self-respecting man would try an unclog a woman's dukie-clog.