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  RJB  |  0

yah but why would a photo show up? text to landline is a


you really cant send a pic unless u have the Verizon Hub which I highly doubt Pizza Hut is using as there greeting system..

  Vanita  |  1

I ordered food on the Internet before.
Or maybe he or she knows someone who works at Pizza Hut. Or applied for a job there ... The possibilities are countless. ;-)

  armageddillo  |  0

Ah but if it was a friend why e-mail the store and not the personal address? Even in the job application scenario, contacts generally have to be set-up and saved, leading us to wonder why save pizza hut as a contact? Although I suppose the person might order online alot.

Point conceded.

  FuzzySpudkiss  |  0

who doesnt enjoy a good prank call to pizza hut,

"do you have pizza with grapes?"

lol pizza with grapes, what will i think of next?

thats why i have pizza hut in my phone

  genius_man16  |  0

srsly. These are dumb, how can you possibly "accidentally" send it to all of your contacts? I don't see how it's possible. Maybe it's just my phone, but whatever.

  jimmyisikura  |  0

I have to wonder, cause every single time I send a message, there is no "SEND TO EVERYONE" button. In fact most have a limit to how many people you can send to.

  MK1029  |  0

I don't understand why we allow these people to live. People who are born with it I can understand, it's not really their fault but we help them anyway despite the fact they'd be dead on their own. But these retards? Society sucks.

  pauliancik  |  0

My phone has it... all my friends phones have a send to Contacts/all/etc and if you texting after like a hour u stop paying attention and u click what looks right... and boom.

  FmyLinNY  |  0

My phone has a "Mark All" option which can easily be mistaken for "Mark" when choosing who you will send it to, especially in the heat of the moment.