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Today, my girlfriend and I were exchanging some naughty pictures. I accidentally sent one to everybody on my contacts, including my ex, my boss, and even Pizza Hut. FML
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Pretty sure you can't send photos to Pizza Hut...


yah but why would a photo show up? text to landline is a "I AM COMING HOME" you really cant send a pic unless u have the Verizon Hub which I highly doubt Pizza Hut is using as there greeting system..

why would you have pizza huts number? its so easy to memorize! 310 1010

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So kewl_cat you live in Iowa, where the OP lives in their direct area? Shut the hell up.

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Let's see if you get a free pizza ;)

Who says this happened on a phone? I thought they were exchanging pictures via e-mail.

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I'm not sure he would have Pizza Hut as one of his e-mail contacts...

I ordered food on the Internet before. Or maybe he or she knows someone who works at Pizza Hut. Or applied for a job there ... The possibilities are countless. ;-)

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Ah but if it was a friend why e-mail the store and not the personal address? Even in the job application scenario, contacts generally have to be set-up and saved, leading us to wonder why save pizza hut as a contact? Although I suppose the person might order online alot. Point conceded.

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who doesnt enjoy a good prank call to pizza hut, "do you have pizza with grapes?" lol pizza with grapes, what will i think of next? thats why i have pizza hut in my phone

the nuber of piza hut were i live in is 557-PIZA(7492)

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see that's why sexting is illigal..... (;

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look at the bright side: pizza hut don't receive anything but calls :)

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ohshizz, the OP lives in Iowa as well so it's possible. therefore - you shut the hell up.

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Not necessarily, sexting is legal between two consenting adults

srsly. These are dumb, how can you possibly "accidentally" send it to all of your contacts? I don't see how it's possible. Maybe it's just my phone, but whatever.

I have to wonder, cause every single time I send a message, there is no "SEND TO EVERYONE" button. In fact most have a limit to how many people you can send to.

I don't understand why we allow these people to live. People who are born with it I can understand, it's not really their fault but we help them anyway despite the fact they'd be dead on their own. But these retards? Society sucks.

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My phone has it... all my friends phones have a send to Contacts/all/etc and if you texting after like a hour u stop paying attention and u click what looks right... and boom.

My phone has a "Mark All" option which can easily be mistaken for "Mark" when choosing who you will send it to, especially in the heat of the moment.

yeah my phone has the "all" button at the top. i can see that easily happening

pizza hut in Singapore is 6222 6111

omg you can't send to all contacts on your phone?!

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LOL Free pizzas....Or maybe no pizzas ever again. :(

Unless Pizza Hut has its own cell phone it probably wont get the picture

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haha if your lucky pizza hut will send you a saucy pic back;-)

haha, they better send him a free pizza!

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God, I hope i wasnt in your contact list

hahahahahahahahahahahahaa. on the bright side maybe your ex will take you back.

And maybe op doesn't want his ex back because he isn't a cheating bastard?

And maybe an ex is an ex for a good reason.

Who keeps pizza hut on there contact? FUNNY HAHAHA LOL

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I had Family Video as a contact until this girl gave me crap about it, so i erased it. Now everytime I want to rent a movie or a game, I have to call my dad.

or you could just learn the number. or you could just not give a shit when someone bugs you about something.

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Hey this is really random but what is &amp? Email me at [email protected] and tell me

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You mean the Ampersand? You don't know what that means? What are you from Yugoslavia or something?

what does yugoslavia have to do with this??

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Come on, you think people from former Yugoslavia don't know what & means??