By wtfuraretard - 19/02/2010 20:18 - United States

Today, my boyfriend called me over, all just to unclog his toilet. It was clogged because he put my phone in it while he was taking a dump to see if it would actually flush. FML
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how did he call you if your phon was in the toilet?

HamsteronA 0

landline phones. but what was your phone doing at his house is the question?

If we was stuffing your phone in the toilet... How exactly did he call you????

waterynuggets 0

That's what I was wondering, too. Gee, I wish someone invented a phone you could put in your house..maybe even a house phone *SIGH* whatever will we do...

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hmmm I wonder if his phone will clog the toilet?

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hah!  or maybe he was wondering if ur phone's stty enough to be flushed, or maybe he mistaken it to be actual st on the table and had to clean it up

cowgod 0

maybe he was trying to make you look for the hidden wedding ring in the poop

do20ss 4

how did he call u? this is fake they don't have house phones anymore...right?

Or maybe he's really dumb and you have him set as the phone's wallpaper and he saw it and said "boy, look at that shit" that belongs in the crapper, and the rest is disgustingly brown history...

MetroidSlayer01 8

@37, it's called a house phone. I know, this new technology is difficult to wrap your mind around =P

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hey do your job when you become a housewife your going to have to do this eventually. thank him for the practice in unclogging his 

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hmm she said "called me over" I think they were in the same place........

.............#98 you are failing at life right now.

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Yout gf with a moron congratz 

@ at 117, that's exactly what I was thinking, and this person has to be a complete idiot for dating such an idiot

to everyone saying "oh how did he call you if he had ur phone?" it's obvious OP was at his house with him at the time, and he just called her over from another room.

do20ss 4

u figure tht out by reading #117, I can see that now too

"called me over" could also mean she was in the same place, and she could hear him. It doesn't have to mean that she was at her house or wherever. Also... ITS CALLED A HOME PHONE

If I'm the only one who noticed, how did he call you with your phone in the toilet? I know how. It's called a fake FML.

yeah, for ignoring the warning signs before this happened...

To 9, We would vote YDI because she is dating a man with the mentality of a toddler.

because how could you not eventually find the situation funny

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wow...just wow. Maybe he's been watching too many of those "will it blend?" videos and decided to see if it wil "flush" instead. Well just make him pay for a new phone.

MermaidSongXOXO 6

+1 for creativity. -100 for being fake.

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why did he have your phone if you were home?

As Red Foreman would say, your boyfriend's a DUMBASS