By Upset - 03/02/2016 18:14 - United States - Santa Clara

Today, after finding out that my professor likes to talk trash about, and constantly belittle, Muslims in every American History class he teaches, I submitted an essay about Muslim contributions to humanity. He held me back after class and asked why I gave him such filth. I'm a Muslim. FML
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Report him to the department chair. Even if he has tenure, things like that can get it revoked. There's no need to treat people that way.

your teacher is a piece of crap, op. so sorry you had to go through that. report that ****** imediately


Report him to the department chair. Even if he has tenure, things like that can get it revoked. There's no need to treat people that way.

Lol I cant believe that OP actually submitted an essay to get him to change his mind on Muslims instead of reporting him! Personally, i wouldve thumped him after class

aeryn97 17

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Why do you assume OP cited a bunch of Wikipedia articles? Odd conclusion to come to.

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Most colleges have rules against voicing your opinion if it can be qualified as hate speech.

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Sathane 21

Considering that OP is Muslim. I highly doubt he had to consult Wikipedia. Muslims are usually very interested in learning as much as they can about their history.

88, your profile says you're from England. Somehow, I HIGHLY doubt England lets ISIS recruiters into the country.

Report that ************

your teacher is a piece of crap, op. so sorry you had to go through that. report that ****** imediately

In most Muslim countries they don't legally allow Christians and Jews to even live there. Look up Saidi Arabia, immigrants from another Muslim country raped women in Cologne, Germany. All Muslims are not "bad", but xonsidering their history of violence and abuse of women, defending Islam is strange.

oh yeah muslims are the ONLY religion that has violence in its history. it's so easy to just take the negative than the positive. and please do tell me where you got the information for "most" Muslim countries.

Name one Muslim country where they consider women to be anything other than a man's property? Islam isn't the only religion to be started in violence, bit it certainly never promoted peace. It started with war and invasion of Europe and it is Muslim terrorists not Christian or Jewish that are committing terrorist acts this century.

#3 I agree, OP doesn't deserve to be treated that way, and if the teacher gets reported then hopefully they'll get fired. #100 that is wrong on so many levels... Take it from someone who has mostly Muslim friends and has been around other Muslims for most of my life- a majority of the time, they are the sweetest people you will ever meet. And no, a majority of their countries don't keep out Jews and Christians. Does that mean terrorism and segregation doesn't exist? No. But it happens regardless of religion so you can't generalize Muslims.

#102, still wrong.. A woman isn't a man's property, you need to educate yourself or read the Quran or something. And you're not helping the whole violence situation, either. You're contributing to it -_-

102-because women aren't treated lesser in the Bible at all either, right?

He has no right to say anything like that. Any discrimination against religion shouldn't be tolerated. You need to report this to the department and get him out

iAmPaul 49

All religions are archaic institutions that have done more harm than good to humanity. Thankfully society is becoming more and more secular.

#69, you disgust me. Why do you blame religion? Religion has nothing to do with everything that's been going on nowadays. It's the fact that we're letting dumbasses make big decisions.

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A07 48

We need to petition the FML admin's to change your username to just "Moron"

Helpful tip of the day: Muslims generally practice Islam. Their religion is Islam.

Sounds like you should report him. Seems like there are rules against that sort of thing. None the less no one should do that.

If you ask him why he hates muslims exactly, he'll likely respond with something like "muslims are terrorists!"

muslims are beautiful people tainted by the wrong doings of a select few. I find It funny that majority of people hating muslims as a whole are white and God forbid anyone generalize them as the kkk or Else they get bombarded with "not all of us are like that!" and Dont listen to a lick of sense about how they are doing the same Thing to muslims by Calling them all terrorists

well they are the founders of the world's number one terror group that our dumbass president has done nothing about

#93 you really show how much you know about history. you know the Holocaust was just a breeze, wasn't a terroristic act what so ever, Hitler didn't brutally kill millions of jews...but no that's not as bad as now a days .

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Reminds me of a porno I saw a while back. Shit man, just report that sorry S.O.B.

I'm kind of curious how that porno went. Bigot professor belittles a student for their religion/origin, gets anal in return?

I think that #44 may be talking about the porno where Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese chick who was #1 on pornhub(not sure if she still is), was wearing a hijab and performing sex acts.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

44, yeah exactly like that. You've seen it too, huh?

I'm kind of surprised to see that your comment hasn't been downvoted. I think people are confused whether to downvote it or to laugh at it and up vote it, and, not deciding what to do, just let it sit there.

Is your teacher Donald Trump?

Schmavid64 13

Depends if the professor also suggested a fence along the Mexican border.

ballislife2324 14

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#95, so how will you make America great again Mr trump?. .."we gonna make America again, cuz America isn't great right now and we will make it great, just like my small loan of a million dollars." "how about that red hat guy that's a great hat!" hurts my ears just listening to him.

How can such ignorance prevail in a place where intellectual growth is supposed to be found? The hell?