By 12yearsoldapparently - 06/07/2015 23:02 - United States - Charleston

Today, I was finally going to break down my social barrier by going out on a date with a nice guy I recently met on a dating site. Just at the start of the date, he asked me how old I was, and out of pure nervousness, I blurted out, "12!" I'm 24. FML
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Zwerik 31

That's when you say "12! *dramatic pause* ...times TWO! *wait for response*" "Sooo...24?" "Yep, just checking to see if you can do math."

Well, I'm pretty sure you don't look twelve when you're twenty-four. Laugh it off! :)

some short people might. like my aunt and she's shorter than me and is 24

I'm sure he didn't think you were 12. Maybe he found your nervousness endearing.

this is a no win case. if he agrees for date he is pedo!if he doesn't' then u blew it anyway

Most guys would find your nervousness appealing. Hopefully he did too

You'll get better at dating with a bit of practice. Just be yourself.

thats actually kind of cute how nervous you were

I quite enjoy first dates where I can tell the girl is nervous. The things they say and reactions they have are cute and hilarious!

That's easy to recover from, laugh it off as a joke.