By jk2010 - 03/02/2010 17:44 - Israel

Today, I finally removed my car insurance after realizing it costs too much money. Since I then had more money, I went to celebrate with ice cream. On the way, I got hit by a truck. FML
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That sucks. Where I live it's illegal to drive without car insurance.

that was stupid of you - insurance is to cover your ass as well as the other idiots out there!!


That sucks. Where I live it's illegal to drive without car insurance.

It is not, however, illegal to marry your cousin. Hmm.

Have you lived in Israel?

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fake! its illegal pretty much everywhere to drive without insurance

It's not illegal, it's just frowned upon... like masturbating on an airplane.

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ahh the hangeover... I love that movie :)

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thanks bin laden

you have to have insurance in Canada or wlelse you can't get yoursticker and without yoursticker you can't drive without being fined.

@allmidnighteyes: So you know this from experience? Also, did you have a magazine, or just a pretty stuartiss? 

@x_hello_ther it's a quote adaptation from a movie

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where have I heard this :?

nichele 0

nevermind the hangover I remember now

@ x_HELLo_tHERE_x: if you're gonna mock me, at least learn how to spell "stewardess" correctly...

He's clearly not mocking you...

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Actually in the United States its illegal to drive without car insurance in California, New York and Arizona (I'm not sure if any other states have that law) It's definitely not just "frowned upon."

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It's law in Ohio too...I'm amazed that it's not law everywhere...I always thought it was but reading these comments I guess it's not...

illegal in Canada. but whether it's against the law or not, you have got to be pretty fucking stupid to drive without it. Even if you're the best driver in the world, it doesn't protect you from those without skill.

Errrrr I mean 133 ( sorry whoever 144 is for comparing you to this stupid whore)

144 Please take a minute to stop being a dumb bitch and read the comment you are respondg to. He was talking about marrying your cousin being frowned upon.

Missouri as well.

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It's illegal in every state. It has been for a while..

that was stupid of you - insurance is to cover your ass as well as the other idiots out there!!

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You didn't read, then, that OP is from Israel, and not the US.

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In New Hampshire you don't need to have car insurance, but it's still much better to have it.

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Yeah, welcome to the world of grown ups Op. Maybe it's a pretty good deal?

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.... totally fake no way that would happen on the first day

would it have been an FML if it was an ice cream truck? :)

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LMAO!!! Great XD It'd be great if he crashed into an ad for car insurance too.

sorry the numbers changed and the comment I was replying to got deleted :P

you deserve that in so many ways... Karma BIATCH!!!

haha so true

ur a dumbass

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this one's from israel, i have no idea how car insurance works there

You're an idiot. Car insurance may be expensive, but it's super important. For everyone else: the post says it's from Israel. (I know mobile doesn't tell you where it is)

mobile does in fact tell you since the update.

Good, I hope you're severely injured.

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This is about CAR insurance, not HEALTH insurance.