By kristine29 - 03/02/2010 16:06 - United States

Today, I went for a job interview I scheduled 3 weeks ago. I spent $200 on a new suit to really impress them and practised like crazy every imaginable question they could ask. They already had filled the position 2 weeks ago and forgot to inform me. FML
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That sucks. On the other hand, now you have a nice new suit!

txgirl09 5

Gah, see this is why I HATE interviews. They just treat you like dirt and expect you to lap it up in the hopes of a job.


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fyl bro. I r b1g d1ckh34d LOLZWUT

MetroidSlayer01 8


Ajjas013 6

It's ok bro, it's ok. We all feel the same.

whitley1031 0

lol, u tellim #30 xD but srsly, u shuld sue. i bet ud get at least th $200 backk.

He can't sue. There's no case. If anything, he'd LOOSE $200.

plutosaplanet 0

she should sue a company because she bought a suit to interview in? i HOPE you are kidding me.

xxhappyninjaxx 0

@ 38 you cannot sue for every thing.

we do what real men do. We sue! XD

jasonsaied 1

um number 30 he didn't say first

you're yellow ....

I guess u didn't "practice" how to spell...

Noob troll is noob.

38: it's people like you that give americans bad names. sue for everything. sue because you looked at me wrong. please realize there are ways to settle problems outside of a court room and out from behind a lawyer.

MetroidSlayer01 8

FYI, the original comment I replied to said first. js

your right-- since lawyers don't cost $200 n hour n e way... you don't know much about lagalities of situations do you?

Ajjas013 6

Yeah it said first, I was there. He just edited it. And he's a loser.

and u obviously can't spell legalities

wintamint101 7

haha go figure the op spells practice wrong

op try practicing spelling practiced. and @30 you're* grammar Nazi ftw. :P

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that sucks

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wow, dat sux FYL

I've been there. I even had a recruiter for a rather nice software company seek me out and actually FILL the position while in the phone interview with me. Just save the suit for the next big interview.

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good idea I had this happen oh and btw fml moderator people there is a flaw in the system because you can vote for both fyl or ydi on each fml.

I don't think that's a flaw... the two really aren't mutually exclusive.

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It's not a flaw. It's always been that way, for both VDM and FML, so you can vote for both if you feel the need to. ;-)

She's right; it's not a bug, it's a feature. Trust me on this one; I designed the entire system in one night while drunk on gin.

I hate it when shit like that happens. I went in for a job interview awhile back and was told that they had filled the position. They just didn't want to take the time to call back everyone so they were telling us as we showed up for our interviews. And I am sure that they just had a TON of people to call back for a staff therapist position... really? Are there a hundred other therapist in my town who want to leave their practice? Some places of business are just fucking lazy.

Are you sure you didn't schedule it 3 weeks ago today?

That sucks. On the other hand, now you have a nice new suit!

txgirl09 5

Gah, see this is why I HATE interviews. They just treat you like dirt and expect you to lap it up in the hopes of a job.

I hate how you have to act like you give a shit about the company or the position when, in reality, the answer you really want to give to the question "Why would you like to work for our company?" is "Because I like having a roof over my head."

txgirl09 5

YYEEESS! Exactly. Why do I want to work here: Because I like having a house and food to eat.

Stay_Fly_Shy 0

seriously that sucks but everything happens for a reason maybe something better is out there :)