By Anonymous - 09/05/2012 01:59 - United States - South Salem

Today, I heard the ice cream truck. Being the idiot that I am, I ran down the steps and almost immediately fell down them. I needed four stitches. I didn't even get my ice cream. FML
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I'm not saying anything since you called yourself an idiot

It would all have been worth it if you got that ice cream!


I'm not saying anything since you called yourself an idiot

OP, that's what you get for being fat

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You have no idea if OP is fat or not.

they wanted the ice cream pretty damn bad

I'll at least say he probably made the ice cream man laugh.

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You commented to say that you're not going to say anything?

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It's okay OP! I'll drop by and give you some ice cream! :D

Scream for my ice cream... Bitches get stitches... Two songs by blood on the dance floor. I think this is a conspiracy.

Anyone think this FML sounds like Handiquacks (Family Guy)?

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All I wanted was a Popsicle Ended up in the hospital I got hit by the ice cream man All I wanted was a Popsicle

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Ice creamy cakey cake Ice creamy cakey cake do the ice cream and cake...

It would all have been worth it if you got that ice cream!

It would have been worth it if he didn't get I've cream OR stitches. On this one I'll have to say YDI and FYL. A mix of the two and you get a few seconds of bad luck.

Op didn't scream when he fell. You're supposed to scream for ice cream!

Well as soon as you're allowed out again, you should track down that truck and get your damn ice cream!

You're never, ever too old to run to the ice cream truck.

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You are the minute you are old enough to buy it from the store.

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Poor baby, you didn't get your ice cream :(

Ice cream is serious business. I hope your comment wasn't sarcasm, because I'm in college and wouldn't think twice about how ridiculous I look chasing that truck down.

Ice cream is the ****. I chase down ice cream trucks all the time.

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You guys are lucky, I don't even get ice cream trucks where I live. Stupid Quebec.

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But you can buy a whole carton at the store.

Good thing you didn't end up running through the screen door.

We all scream for ice cream! And stitches.

You scream, I scream, We all scream for Ice cream.

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Dammit! You beat me to it. :P

My dad always told me when the ice cream man's music was playing, it meant he was out if ice cream

My parents always told my little sister that it was the "music truck" and that all they did was play music for the neighborhood XD. It made sense that they told her that though, she was a terror if she didn't get what she wanted.

I think that was used on Robert from "Everybody Loves Raymond" too.

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Does it matter? Ice cream is a delectable treat of the gods. :p

You're never too old to chase down an ice cream truck.

Ur nevr to old for ice cream!???? or stitches

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Who doesn't run to catch the ice cream truck? :D