By Anonymous - 06/12/2010 14:51 - Canada

Today, I hit a patch of black ice and totaled my car. The car is a month old. For the next 5 years I'll be paying for a car I can't drive. FML
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Yeah, insurance should cover it, they should give you money for another car in the amount of what your car was worth before the accident. And if you don't have insurance, YDI.


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I was gonna say most dealers offer that when you buy a new car, plus some insurance companies offer new car replacement ydi if you didn't have either

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would the insurance still cover it if it was his fault tho ?

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there could be a couple things wrong here- the foremost could be that he didnt have insurance and in that case, no sympathy here. Or he didn't have full insurance and only liability which is a stupid choice to make with a brand new car. Or what I am thinking happened here was that he had full insurance but his insurance agent hadn't checked put the car yet- in that case if something happens (and even though you still have insurance) then insurance doesn't pay for it. that frame is really short though- 1-3 days in most cases.

here in Kansas if you take out a loan to buy a new car you are required to get full coverage until your car is paid off.

i think it depends on the insurance if they cover it or not but Id think if it's brand new they'd get the one that did ( I forgot whatd they call it haha)

same thing happened to me about 5 hours ago. I slammed into a tree. my car only has liability because it's a $2500 used car. but I'm only half through paying back my parents

I agree. Insurance should definitely cover you. But if you're uninsured, YDI.

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Insurance can cover a new one? My friend got hit by a semi and her insurance covered everything, including a new car. Unless you don't have insurance.

In the US at least, you can be a legal driver and only have insurance that covers cars that you hit.

It depends on how new the car is. My husband bought a car that was a year old and he was required to get full coverage. I don't know if that's the rule for where OP lives though.

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If you've taken out a loan, most banks require you to have full coverage insurance. It makes sense after reading stories such as these.

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Yeah. A lotta people cheap out on the insurance required by the loan company and don't get the gap insurance. Stories like this remind us why those people are idiots.

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Not everyone who doesn't have full coverage is an idiot. I, for example, was told by my insurance company when I first purchased my new car that I was purchasing full coverage insurance, as required, from them that would cover liability for my car and for any other drivers in case I got in an accident that was my fault. What they didn't happen to mention was that this "full coverage" didn't count if an uninsured driver hit me, which is ridiculous since they said my policy would cover everything in the beginning. I'm still trying to discuss this with them, but the guy who I got the insurance from was fired. Perhaps OP is in a similar situation?

In Quebec, it used to be the "guilty" driver's insurances to pay for damages. But now, they found a new way to make money, it's your own insurance that pays for the damages caused by someone else, and they sue that person's insurances afterward. By doing so, they can raise our insurance fees every time...

False, in Quebec, your insurance cie will pay the damages to your car no matter which driver is at fault, but they will NOT sue the at fault driver's insurance cie. Insurance cies just found out they owed each other almost the same amount of money in the end plus they had to pay big lawyer salaries. So they cut the court fees and just pay for their own insureds. But you are free to think that 200 cies in a free competition market are all working together to milk you and that none of them have ever think to low the prices to gain market share! You deserve it for the OP because in Quebec we got insurance coverage at probably the lowest price in North America. Next time you'll know

then u would be like hmmm should this person be driving

In Quebec, when you buy a car, you also have to get it insured, its a law... So in the end, your insurance cie should be paying. Your insurance also covers your accident wether or not you're at fault. Isn't it genius?

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Yeah, insurance should cover it, they should give you money for another car in the amount of what your car was worth before the accident. And if you don't have insurance, YDI.

Regular insurance will cover most. I hope OP had gap coverage. That tales care of the rest. And OP, maybe you should drive slower in the cold weather.

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insurance equals more money out the op's pocket. Money that some people don't have. but people are insane insurance is needed...

If you can't afford insurance, you can't afford to be driving period. It's not fair to expect other drivers on the road to foot the cost. Since the OP said the car was a month old, if they can't afford insurance, they shouldn't have bought a new car. I'm not saying they didn't have any insurance, but if they had gotten the insurance most new car owner's pay for, this wouldn't be happening.

For the whole story, It was a personal loan, therefore i was not required to have full insurance and was only covered if i hit someone. I am a student and therefore was trying to save some money. Although the car was not of the year I only had the car for one month but still paid 10,000$ for it.

In America, if you do not outright own the car You MUST have full coverage insurance!! if you paid cash for it, you MUST have at least liability insurance.

How is liability insurance going to pay for a new car?

Liability ins won't buy you a new car. but like I said "IF" the car is "Paid" for Liability ins is all your legally obligated to buy. Additional insurances is pure preference based on your affordability, value of the car, and I guess how good a driver you think you are and how much loss you can absorb if you are involved in a wreck.

that's what I was going to say. if you have a loan though, you have to have full coverage.

Some lenders include GAP insurance for free. Hopefully yours did. That really sucks if not OP.

One car less in the world :D keep it up!!

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walking or taking the bus is so much better

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thats what gap insurance us for. if u total ur car they pay it off.