By bluebride - 03/02/2010 17:58 - United States

Today, I got married. My mother told me to stop being difficult, because she was the mother of the bride, and it was her day to shine. FML
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Wow.... your mother is a self-centered ****

What the hell? Your mother claims to have bioluminescent properties?


Wow.... your mother is a self-centered ****

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congratz on first, but a mother like that should not even be at the wedding

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#36 thats what happens when people get old, they lie n go on riverboat gambling trips

to momma so senile that she needs a flashlight to see during the day

lol she should just have her invite terminated then and there. I wouldn't care if my mom wasn't at my wedding if she said that

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agree with #1...sounds like we need to set up OP's mother with Chris Brown or Ike Turner

are you a psychology major? cuz for your sake i ******* hope not. there is a personality disorder called narcissistic personality disorder, and personality disorders are among the hardest to TREAT in psychology. you can't CURE them you fucktard. don't try and use psychology and sound like an ignorant asshole when you have no ******* clue what you're talking about. and to the OP - that sucks, but i would just tell your mom to **** off, and that it is your day.

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#88: Oh, shush up. Stop taking everything so seriously.

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@88- fatehatesme said " if it can't be cured then it's a part of something called their personality", and you corrected them by saying that it can actually be part of their personality, and if so is one of the hardest to cure? so basically you copied what they said in an attempt to correct them. fail.

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I think what 88 was trying to correct was the odd way 86 phrased the statement. It was worded oddly, and honestly, when I first read it I kind of got annoyed too. What 86 said was kind of wrong and kind of right? It's hard to explain...but it was worded in such a way, than many true psych/social services people would be a little put off by it. It didn't seem right at first... especially the whole "cure" thing... That isn't a big word used by psychologists, at least that I have met. It sends the wrong message. Most psych treatments involve long, cooperative TREATMENTS, working with the patient in order to help them gain skills/self concepts/whatever they need for themselves. "Cure" isn't used because it leads to the idea of a medical quick fix. Idk, it seemed awkwardly worded. Although, #88 didn't have to be so rude about it. Also OP: Tell your mother, if she wants to shine, she can go polish her own ass and shove it in peoples faces elsewhere. It's actually YOUR day. Also, #86, you can hardly know if op's mom has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Axis II). She seems very self absorbed, but the personality disorder gets a little more complicated than that. She could just have the very common "headuptheass-itus"

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haha something my mmama would say only kiddingly but that's kinda mean was she serious

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I would punch her in the ovaries! Gosh, what a self centered woman she must be.

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oh yea I voted 4 Obama and on his inauguration it was my day to shine(sarcasm)

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You know personally, I agree #1. And OP why is your mom being such a bitch exactly? I can't quite put my considerably less bitchy finger on it. 

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This is absolutely true. I think in a few states women might get away with making those type of people... disappear for trying to steal their day.

have you considered divorcing your mum??

third!!! that's what's up. teleportation!

commet i was responding to disapeared........

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WTF it's her day she doesn't have to share with her mother!

ha i agree with them..ahh are you retarded?hopefully you're being sarcastic.

That's what I plan on doing if I ever get married. I'll punch myself in the face before I spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a party for a bunch of unappreciative assholes. I'd rather do a civil ceremony and blow some money on booze and gambling in Vegas, followed by plenty of dirty consummation.

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ahh why the **** would you let her choose..? you're a pussy.

why would you let her decide what goes into your wedding..? that's really ******* stupid. I cannot stand people who don't stick up for themselves and speak their mind.

no, the moms not right. it's the daughters wedding day! derr!

big LOL!!!! but FYL for the op for having chris kardashian like mum!!! R u khloé????

What the hell? Your mother claims to have bioluminescent properties?

FY husbands life! it's your wedding day! what the hell are you doing on here! jeez!!

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Unless her mother stole her wedding dress and now Op is sitting at home on the computer waiting for her mom to get back from the honeymoon.

Because it clearly says to start FMLs with 'TODAY' it could have happened months ago... but she still has to write TODAY.

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did u kick her out of ur wedding?

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well maybe you should stop bein difficult :/

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Maybe OP wasn't actually being difficult, but the mother was just being self-centred. E.g. If OP was trying to tell the make up artist a different style of make up she wants, and the mother was complaining at OP for that...