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Today, I finally had enough money to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring, which I was going to pick up after work. On my way to work, I slid on the ice and crashed into a parked vehicle. The damage to my car is almost twice the amount of the ring. FML
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Where are people getting the idea he was WALKING? Damage to HIS vehicle means he was DRIVING.

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He wasn't even walking he said " damage to my car"... Wow


wiserman 0 were made for walkin'? anyone, anyone? and....1st :D

that sucks :( and #1, big whoop, ur first -_-

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insurance? last I checked it was required to operate a motor vehicle... and if your car isn't covered that's your own damn fault

Clearly insurance should pay for this. Either that...or just drive a shitty looking car. Dumbass for not having insurance, or if you choose not to invest in insurance, get chains/snowtires...after all you are in Canada.

Everyone is required to have liability insurance, but a lot of people that have older cars don't have comp or collision, which covers damage to your own car. If you have a loan out on your car most banks require you to have full coverage. My car is paid off and is 8 years old but I still have full coverage. This is your example of why everyone should.

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ok well i'm new to this site, but i've been reading a lot of the comments and just for the sake of decreasing my ignorance, what is a troll and/or trolling? i pictured one of those wishing troll things i used to play with back in the day, but somehow i don't think that relates.

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my bad. accidental double post.

A troll is the little guy that lives under the bridge that keeps you from getting to the other side. They're nasty little *****. But this is what trolling is, talking about something that doesn't have to do with the thread, or FML in this case. ________________________________

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ahah!! like the one that eats the goats! got it...although now i feel bad because that exactly what i'm doing now. however, this was mostly just to say thank you and i will be doing my best not to continue the obnoxious trend.

Lol look you don't have to worry about being a troll or trolling. Most people on this site engage in conversation/argument about everything pretty much. Some of it interesting, some of it retarded. If all you did was respond to the FML and not take part then it would just be boring and wasteful. That's my 2 cents atleast. ___________________________________

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yeah i've noticed that people seem to enjoy picking out impertinent details then bashing. so, i appreciate you not being rude...that seems worth more than 2 cents to me. i mean i'm fine with debating or even sometimes arguing if it's something you strongly believe in, but picking fights just to fight is unnecessary.

That's why it's left to your own accord. As I said some of it can be interesting and some of it can be retarded, mainly when they just decide to fight amongst themselves as you mentioned. Hopefully you enjoy the site and take guilty pleasure in the FMLs lol. _____________________________________

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I'm pretty sure I will, thanks. :)

71- Trolling is arguing something that you don't even believe (and often it's an incredibly stupid argument) just to get a rise out of people.

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Really!??! Because that makes sense. What is he supposed to do ... crawl?! Like seriously. Some common sense here please. Clearly you don't know what you are talking about. Why make remarks like that?

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He wasn't even walking he said " damage to my car"... Wow

When he says "slid on the ice" he means his car. Dumbass

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I never got the opportunity to do this and I always thought the people who did it were stupi but it's still so tempting so. . .FIRST

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yeah, first to fail. it IS fun to be first though. you'll get it. it's a matter of luck ;)

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Stupid guilty pleasure FAIL...#FIVE!

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its because the french run this shit, its called a time zone difference

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Pawn shop the ring and pay for the damages and get another ring...less expensive...that is a real pisser though...FYL

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I take that back about the pawning.....

No! No pawn shops! They give you a really crappy amount for something yo paid alot of money for!

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thats why I took it back...hence the comment you replied to

Actually I replied to your original post... But it's a min between each so it prob didn't post right:)

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oh well...another glitch in the system

You can probebly return the ring since you just bought it tho, unless you already sized it, then that sucks.

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Take the ring back?? Do you not have auto insurance OP?? Or you can't sue for unsalted roads? Either way that sucks...

Are you retarded? How the hell could anyone get away with suing the city because the roads weren't salted? How about OP is just a retard who can't drive correctly when it's slick out? Try living out in the middle of nowhere in the winter. THAT shit sucks.

Please don't use the world retarded. It's gets dropped far too easily and people forget the meaning of it. They're better words to use like idiot or spud

Where did u fall? If it was in a parking lot and not on the side of a street you could sue whatever company owns the lot for not salting it and or getting rid of the ice in any other matter.

umm im not stupid my friend was walking outside of Mcdonalds when he slipped on some ice and smashed the back window of a car,he sued them.

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Just tell her that it is close to chirstmas and you were shopping and you don't want her to find out

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