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  hellokat1  |  0

Well I'm not fat myself but my dad has tried losing weight and and as he's gotten older it's been more and more difficult to get to where he wants to be. Just because it's used as an excuse doesn't mean it's not true.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@18 you know what else is hard? life. using the excuse that losing weight is 'hard' as a reason not to do it (obviously only in cases of ill health such as obesity, not just your average weight) is stupid. plenty of things in life are hard, i cant wait for the day when people become doctors despite not studying because its 'hard'. what, you didnt pass any topics? naw thats ok, i know university is difficult, heres your doctorate, now off ya go lil fella. i cant wait for the "but some people have health conditions" comments too, because such a minor percentage of the population who - in 99% of cases - can actually lose weight to a healthy level are a real factor to consider in reality before making any statements about general weight loss.

@29 yeah thats just flat out wrong.

  WillKill4Beer  |  0

Nope, if OP is a fatty, then that's his or her fault for not getting in shape or being in shape. I like going to the gym and exercising. if a person is fat, it's their own fault for letting themselves get like that! Simple as that!

  CateXOX  |  0

OP could be average or underweight but insecure about their weight. Or they could just be happy about dropping a few pounds, even when they're content with their weight.

Even if OP is overweight, which you can't assume, surgery is not the right answer, and losing weight can be particularly hard for some people.

  thatonename  |  7

if someone was underweight, why would they be proud of loosing weight? all I can come up with is some psycological disorder where op will never think they're skinny enough. if that's the case, there are much deeper issues than a fly being left down...

op is most likely at least slightly heavy and the majority of people are going to assume the worse. it's the Internet. get over it.


59: For your sake, I hope you're on the low end of 5 feet. If not, you might be in dangerous territory with that mindset. Despite what the media preaches, skinnier isn't always better. =