By Anonymous - 9/7/2020 20:02

Wrap it

  Today, my boyfriend, who I have been seeing for a year, decided to tell me that he has herpes and has not taken any precautions to stop it from passing on. We have had unprotected sex quite a lot over the last year, so now I most likely have herpes too. FML
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By  FireMars  |  14

He definitely needs rid of, but I think it can only be passed on if his herpes flared up. Get checked, hopefully you get the all clear.

Don't let him get away with it either.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Get tested.

If you don't have herpes, dump him.

If you have it, marry him. There's no point in dumping him if you're infected since you're going to have a hard time finding someone else. Maybe they'll have a cure in the future at which point you can dump him and recover from this error.

  Amanda G Rich  |  23

herpes is WAY more common than you think. Chances are you have it without knowing it too

By  Yummi_913  |  15

That really sucks. But honestly, you're an adult and have a responsibility to yourself to get tested routinely. Same goes for your shitty partner. Hope you dump his ass for his blatant disrespect towards your health.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

"I was trying for a baby, and all I got was this lousy t-shi... STD."

At least, I assume y'all were looking to get knocked up. Unless he got you to have unprotected sex so he could intentionally pass his herpes onto you.

  juggalo2  |  15

Maybe she is infertile, on the pill or using the rhythm method. In any event it has nothing to do with his being an a-hole. A pregnancy is a known risk. She trusted him regarding his disease status.

By  clair_brodie  |  34

He may have taken precautions by not having sex with you when he had a flare up. You say you had unprotected sex a lot but that makes it sound like it wasn't all the time.

Do you have cold sores or have you ever had chicken pox... You have/had herpes then.