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By Anonymous - 09/07/2020 20:02

Today, my boyfriend, who I have been seeing for a year, decided to tell me that he has herpes and has not taken any precautions to stop it from passing on. We have had unprotected sex quite a lot over the last year, so now I most likely have herpes too. FML
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Get rid of him and his herpes and get treated ASAP.

And he's still your boyfriend???? I sincerely hope not. What he did should be against the law.


Get rid of him and his herpes and get treated ASAP.

True, but there are medications to keep it in check and shorten outbreak duration.

He definitely needs rid of, but I think it can only be passed on if his herpes flared up. Get checked, hopefully you get the all clear. Don't let him get away with it either.

And he's still your boyfriend???? I sincerely hope not. What he did should be against the law.

Get tested. If you don't have herpes, dump him. If you have it, marry him. There's no point in dumping him if you're infected since you're going to have a hard time finding someone else. Maybe they'll have a cure in the future at which point you can dump him and recover from this error.

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herpes is WAY more common than you think. Chances are you have it without knowing it too

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It's only common on the lips. Genital herpes isn't nearly as common.

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That really sucks. But honestly, you're an adult and have a responsibility to yourself to get tested routinely. Same goes for your shitty partner. Hope you dump his ass for his blatant disrespect towards your health.

way to victim blame........ don't be a dick

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Stating that adults should get routine testing isn't victim blaming. And for you to act like it is shows loud and clear that you're one of those immature fools who cant handle facts, or be sexually responsible for that matter. Don't be all butthurt because some of us actually take care of ourselves. I do blame the dude and you'd know that if you knew how to bloody read. But I'm not gonna act like it wouldn't have been caught sooner if she just did what she's supposed to do anyway. Grow the hell up.

like 90 percent of people have herpes, only a select few have any bad side effects from it

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Not true at all, that accounts for the mouth herpes and also third world countries, if you take just developed countries it would be much lower

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90 percent of the population does not have genital herpes - get your facts straight!

"I was trying for a baby, and all I got was this lousy t-shi... STD." At least, I assume y'all were looking to get knocked up. Unless he got you to have unprotected sex so he could intentionally pass his herpes onto you.

Maybe she is infertile, on the pill or using the rhythm method. In any event it has nothing to do with his being an a-hole. A pregnancy is a known risk. She trusted him regarding his disease status.

Don’t get too stressed. Almost everyone has herpes. They just don’t know it. I’d say that having great unprotected sexual all year was probably worth it.

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Did you know that over 68% of the population has HSV 1? You probably already have it.

He may have taken precautions by not having sex with you when he had a flare up. You say you had unprotected sex a lot but that makes it sound like it wasn't all the time. Do you have cold sores or have you ever had chicken pox... You have/had herpes then.

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Don’t spread misinformation- obviously you don’t know the difference between herpes simplex and genital herpes !