By Closingwild - 21/07/2012 06:18 - Mexico - Zapopan

Today, I introduced my boyfriend to my sister, but they already knew each other from my sister's work. She's an exotic dancer. FML
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At least they will get on well. What if they hated each other? There can always be a worse situation. (Apart from the guy who was allergic to bacon. That is the worst.)


Hooker sister and cheating boyfriend?

IworkAt711 14

It never said they ******, so I dont think her boyfriend was cheating.

Exotic dancers are not necessarily hookers. It could be that he's seen her dance and that's it.

Depending on the dancer, he may not have gotten to see her naked even.

Definitely coulda met before when he was single

At least they will get on well. What if they hated each other? There can always be a worse situation. (Apart from the guy who was allergic to bacon. That is the worst.)

first argument... "you've seen my sister naked"... precedence for the rest of the relationship. just get out op.

It never said he saw her sister naked... She is just a dancer, not a prostitute.

clearly teh you don't know what an exotic dancer is

I know what an exotic dancer is, but it's not the same thing as a prostitute.

Exotic dancers typically get naked when performing. -.-

Plinkin 10

29- you're the only one talking about prostitutes, and chances are he did see her naked hence the fml.

That's not true. Exotic Dancers can include things like belly dancing, which is still not ideal for OP, but it's definitely better than what your suggesting. OP's boyfriend would have kept his mouth shut if nudity was involved.

Ive been on the receiving end of that argument. It never gets dropped

Well you don't have to pay for a stripper at your weeding! Better family than a stranger right?

IworkAt711 14

What the hell are you talking about?

Batcherlette party(I dont know how to spell that)

Bachelorette, I think that's how it's spelled

Having the sister danc at the bachelor party would be epic. And 9 it's a bachelor part for guys and bachelorette party for girls.

HairyPunisher 27

6, like a few others have mentioned I'm assuming you meant that she would dance at the bachelor party. Unless the sister is gay (which she's apparently not) her stripper sister would not be stripping at her bachelorette party. And even so that's just creepy. As for the wedding, um who in their right mind would want a stripper at their wedding?

Make that booty wurk, booty wurk, booty booty booty wurk, uh huh

Bliss391 7

Just gotta say. Love flogging Molly's! Alright everyone go ahead and dislike it

That would make more sense if it was the other way around..

"!od ot 'ninialps' emos tog ev'uoY" Omg it makes so much more sense now!

syley 5

At first I thought that was Spanish 38

Not a big deal. Exotic dancer doesn't mean a prostitute and if she's a stripper, it's not more cheating than watching ****. But I realize that the situation is awkward!

Actually, there are some strip clubs that are basically fronts for brothels. All that shady shit goes down in the private dance rooms. I know this from male friends of mine who are basically strip club frequenters. They tell me they avoid those places. Of course, that doesn't mean that OP's sister works at one of those strip clubs. Must of them are honest, law abiding businesses.

Well if we forget about the whole cheating issue in this FML and only focus on prostitution as something not honest and law abiding, it really comes down to what country you're from. OP's from Mexico and I don't know if it's illegal there but it isn't in my country!

Well if it IS legal in Mexico, there would be no need to make a strip club a front for a brothel. However, if it's NOT legal in Mexico, considering the corruption in law enforcement in that country, that makes it more likely that it is a front for a brothel. Not saying that's the case, though.

Exactly. It's kind of awkward, but to me it's considerably less awkward than it would be to date one of my siblings' exes, dancer or not. I don't think you have a thing to worry about.

who cares if she's not a prostitute hes seen her in a sexual way and probably got aroused. I'd feel weird knowing hes probably fantasizes about her.

RedMosquito 4

The fact that they know each other implies that this guy has spent a lot of time or money in this strip club. Guys might recognize the dancers, but rarely do the dancers recognize customers, unless they are really good customers. Run op.

Personally, I find the term "Gentlemen's Club" very ironic.

trippythehippy 6

Do you actually know the definition of a gentleman? A man who can be close enough to a woman's groin to have his nose tickled by hair (assuming there is any) and not get an erection. Just a random thought. Enjoy

Gee I always thought a gentleman was a man who respects women, and conducts himself with proper decorum. Silly me!

trippythehippy 6

Yes. Silly you. Now you know ;)

So gentleman is a synonym for gay man. Gotcha.

Ah well Richard Feynman used to eat his lunch in a strip club I guess so he's keeping good company.

It was a topless bar :P not a strip club

Hopefully they just know eachother exist and that's all... o.e