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Today, I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time. After he'd repeatedly told me not to worry about bleeding, and reassuring me that he'd take care of me, he passed out halfway through. FML
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This is almost word for word the exact same FML as one a few years ago. You can find it in the "Best of" category, except the original FML had the boyfriend call his mother crying afterwards too. Tsk tsk.

Well it's not really his fault.. I mean, #1 you have the right idea, at least he cared. Some people can't help but pass out at the sight of blood

51- I'm one of those people. I pass out even when I get a shot at the doctor's office. This coming from a girl who guts deer. It all depends. OP, your boyfriend sounds like he cares. Maybe wait some time and try later?

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Maybe he passed out because you were soo good you took his breathe away ;)

I have a little brother named Joshua, he's three. That makes this all really weird for me. I didn't mean to make that rhyme either, I promise. @92: Breath.

maybe "passed out" means "fell asleep" in this case?

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Passing out at the sight of blood doesn't mean he was bored

I think he might have passed out due to being nervous. I don't think he really had much attention on the blood.

See I thought it meant he passed out from sheer exhaustion

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what if he passed out because it was too good? Damn OP your boyfriend got nothin' on you! x)

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-_- No. She bled because it was her first time.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to bleed your first time. Nothing actually breaks (breaking a hymen is a stupid metaphor) if you go slow and have lots of foreplay you can do alright.

You're right and wrong. Not everyone bleeds their first time (I didn't), but breaking your hymen does happen, if it hasn't already.

It doesn't always happen- with someone women, their hymen is flexible enough to just get stretched rather than broken.

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I wouldn't say "breaking" is the right word to use, which I think is the point. More accurately, a hymen will rip or tear a little bit.

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most women don't even bleed when losing their virginity...

re read his statement his said sorry op and he ment for her boyfriend passin out during sex dumnass -_-

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56, well how many women actually do bleed? I don't remember it happening to me and I don't recall my friends mentioning anything like that. This is a serious question, please someone answer it. Thank you x)

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if girls use tampons they don't have a "cherry"

Sometimes you bleed, but it's never supposed to be a lot, just a small amount. before, they would display the white sheets after wedding sex to show that the bride was a virgin; i think it was the royal families that did that. but if youre gushing blood, it might not be your hymen, and should get that checked out

marzipanimal 15

It just depends on the girl. Some do, some don't. The blood is caused by the breakage of the hymen. Some girl's hymen breaks because they use tampons, sports, etc.

That's not true. Tampons don't go far enough to pop your cherry

****, I already said it but this comment chain is hurting me. Hymens don't break. Tampons can't break anything if there is nothing to break. The bleeding is caused by friction on the (already "open") hymen. Therefore blood is avoidable. It bothers me that some girls in this chain don't know what they are talking about

I love how i get down voted for telling someone else hes wrong when he really is im sorry guy but if he didnt have to be such a fucktard i wouldnt have to get on to him about gettin on to someone else

#96, you got downvoted because your grammar sucks ass and nobody can understand you.

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73, that's stupid. So if I ride a bike, I don't have a cherry either? because I've heard a bike can pop your cherry too. Whether it's true or not, I don't know and I don't care but it's better to ask than to say it and look dumb.

Actually, I bled the first time I had sex.

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Looks like you're the one who should've been taking care of him lol

It was just her first time having sex with HIM. :P but you do have a point of it might being his first time.

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You don't bleed the first time with a different partner... If you do, there is something else going on.

I assumed he didn't know what exactly what happens when you have sex since it seems it's his first time. Obviously you guys didn't understand that.

It sounds like she was the one who was worried about bleeding, hence him assuring her.

I'm a virgin so obviously I'm not going to know much.

well greeneyebeuty9 when a person and another person like each other they play with each other private parts its called an adult hug

jazzy_123 20

then 33, you should stay out of this because you wouldn't have a clue about this post.

Yea. Lights off would probably do it. Unless too much of his blood went elsewhere

Well, I was referring as a joke to what happens in men during arrousal. Rush of blood to anywhere else than the head. But don't be concerned that you don't get it...