By cbrocks - 16/10/2009 18:22 - United States

Today, it was the first day of fall break from college, and I was really excited to sleep in and relax the entire weekend. Apparently my boss caught wind of my happiness and scheduled me 8am-2pm each day of break, "seeing how I don't have anything else to do." FML
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You could have asked for a day off in advanced.

YDI if you put you have open availability. If you don't want to work at 8 AM just say you're unavailable.


Op I have to use up (from 7-3) 8 hours of my day in band 5 days a week, and 4 of the hours are outside in the blistering heat. Count yourself lucky

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FYL, even your boss knows you have no life D:

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I dont think he can schedule you every day of break... its against the law

What the ****? How is it against the law? Most people I know who are working still have to work, even if their kids are on break from school. The OP's not in school for the time being and is (hopefully) legally able to work. His boss can do it if he/she wants, even if it's a douchenozzle move.

I think they were referring the the fact that his break is most likely longer than a week, and you can't work that many days in a row.

fall break is usually a three day weekend...

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You must be thinking of work rules for like 15-16 year olds, because there is no law saying how many days you are allowed to work in a row.

are you kidding? It's not against the law. The OP ought to be happy he has a job.

Yeah, like he said. I know people who have worked nine days in a row. Then again, they could still be illegal.

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I've just worked 35 twelve hour days in a row. I didn't think I was breaking any laws.

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In my first year of university, I had 2 weeks off before my first of 4 exams, which were all in the same week. I worked 8 hour shifts each day, leaving me with hardly any time to study properly. My boss fired me the day before my first exam, and I couldn't do anything because I wasn't part of the union yet.

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This is what you get for not sleeping with him.

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you should tell him to **** his self since hes got nothing better to do

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You could have asked for a day off in advanced.

You should tell ur boss to go **** himself, but u saying that might get u fired, but why do u care at lease you will get ur break.