By Mal - United States
Today, I finally mustered up the guts to ask this girl I like to dinner and a movie. She agreed on the terms that she could bring someone, and I'd said it wouldn't be a problem. When I met up with her a few hours later, I found out she'd brought her boyfriend. FML
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By  nightlilies  |  0

Clearly the attraction was just superficial, otherwise you would have know that A) not only was she not a lesbian, but B) she had a boyfriend. Get to know someone before you make a move in the future.

  NiceGuyz  |  0

What's Gorramit?

And OP you should of made sure you knew who she was bringing or stop her from bringing anyone. Although I am guessing you never had any chance with her.


  dustandashes  |  0

man u must be one of those old ppl who sit on the porch and talk about the good ol days and how u would never be so rude as kids today. just shut up

and yes I realize the irony

  kayybby  |  1

I think doc needs to get off the computer every once in awhile.. every one of these I've read had a comment by him on it. I'm 18 and never sit around on the internet near as much as this person evidently does.

  DocBastard  |  38

I think you need to mind your own goddamn business. Who the fuck cares how old you are and how much time you spend here?

The way my schedule works gives me a few minutes here and there through the day, and some days (like today), I pull a 24 hour shift. And I happen to have my iPhone with me constantly, so I pull it out and look on here. Contrary to what you may believe, I don't comment on every FML. Go back and check if you don't believe me.

Wait, why the hell am I justifying myself to a fucking pissant like you? I have an idea- why don't you go place a plastic bag tightly over your head and test the hypothesis that humans are aerobic organisms. Do it now.

  GTmustang07  |  0

dude, Doc does not even look old enough to know her multiplication table ;)

please do not take that seriously. I know you fml'ers out there do that some times lol

By  iheartglasses  |  0

Thats pretty mean on her part. Why did she say a friend and not mention that it was her boyfriend. She should have picked up you were asking you out and, instead of embarrassing you, let you down easy

  roobear  |  2

She said she was bringing someone, not a friend. OP definitely should have asked who. If you're asking someone on a date (especially when it's the same sex) you need to be a bit more clear than normal, I think.