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Today, I finally worked up enough courage to ask out the guy I've had a crush on for months. I texted him, and he thought I was Maddy from work, not Maddie his neighbor. Now he and the Maddy from his work are dating. FML
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Did you just friendZone yourself?

aligator121 15

Does Maddy know this?


Oh dear. Mistaken identity strikes again!

Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!!

She's a pretty good wingman

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

OP got two people to start dating through with just a text message? Time to start a dating service!

So it's a big problem if a guy asks out a girl through text, but it's okay for the girl to do it? It's a horrible outcome, but at least this will make OP think twice about asking someone out through text.

Why would she ask someone out over text?

Dodge4x4Ram 46

The Office, Michael

#39, that's exactly what I was just thinking. People shouldn't ask each other out over text messages, period.

Did you just friendZone yourself?

A new level of the abyss

There is no escape. -Darth Vader

Look what happened to me when I got out of the friend zone

You've done horrible things, Vader.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

2 your pic goes perfect with your comment lol

aligator121 15

Does Maddy know this?

Damian95 16

How did they meet for a date if he was talking to OP?

maddy just saw the opportunity and just run with it

How does that happen? If he was getting to know you over these texts then he must have noticed you were nothing like the girl from his work. Unless you're exactly alike. In which case...I got nothin

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Maybe because she liked him. Traditional gender roles are being blurred as the years go by. A girl does not have to wait for the male to make the first move anymore.

Welshite knows this well. All the chicks hit on him.

Indeed they do. Unfortunately those hits have left me with broken ribs and a black eye before. I guess I shouldn't wolf-whistle and slap their bottoms, but I just can't help myself.

And those cheesy pickups lines didn't help either after you smacked their rears. "Are your parents beavers? Because damn, girl."

#24- Same here, Welshite. Same here.

27- are your parents cows? Cause you're udderly attractive.

That is so terrible that I will probably have to use it. XD @62

Well now all you have to do is kill Maddie, skin her, sew her skin on your face and voila! You're maddy and everyone wins :)

That's not creepy

Nope. Not at all xD

Little do people know, I did that to myself. Now everyone thinks I am me! It's the perfect, evil, master plan. MUAHAHAHAHA!

The perks of having unique name :P

emirie 21

Oh my goodness. Thanks for the nightmares tonight...

Sure there's no problem with first-degree murder

#7 Everyone wins, except Maddie.

Dun dun dunnnn

That's definitely the most disturbing comment I've read on fml.

Why are the pretty ones always insane? All i gotta do is stay awake…forever…

mein_blut69 15

For some reason Texas Chainsaw Massacre popped into my mind. And all chances of sleep go right out the window. Thanks #7......dick. fyi joking, I found that kind of funny.

Calm down, Buffalo Bill.

Yay! I win for creeping everyone out!

#97 Don't worry I'm not actually THAT terrifying. I thought it was funny but my sense of humor is a little weird x)

I guess that will teach you not to TEXT things like that huh?

Dunno why you're getting thumbed down, but I agree. If something is serious enough to you, you need to pluck up the courage to do it while-heartedly.

I prefer to do things like this whale-heartedly, myself.

the_shift 13

Oh my... Knowing two people with the same name sucks... You can get them mixed up real easily.

I knew Cupid existed.

If only this was a movie, the neighbor always gets the guy/girl in the end. At least you have an advantage of seeing him and being able to talk more often.

graceinsheepwear 33

I think most people spend more time with co-workers than neighbors, and even family many times, unfortunately.