By shades - 09/01/2012 03:43 - United Kingdom

Today, at our wedding reception my new father-in-law gave his speech, saying his little girl was too good for me. Everyone, including my parents, agreed. FML
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Screw those people. You're going on a honeymoon with your new wife.

iBluePancake 4


Screw those people. You're going on a honeymoon with your new wife.

thejewishfuhrer 17

And on that honeymoon he can screw his new wife.

SmallBean 12

Who said anything about them even having a honeymoon?

And just think of how screwed up her father is gonna be when you tell him all the details! AmIrite! No? Okay...... No but in all seriousness, I know it sounds lame, but when I do get married to the girl of my dreams, I know I won't be as good as her, and I would agree with her father. Good thing Phil likes me and wouldn't say that about me... (That's her dad's name, not just some random strange man's name, in case you weren't wondering, seeing as you don't give a shit about my love life.)

Are you scared of being moderated for saying ****? **** **** fuckity ****. The website is called "**** my life." ******* use ****, or don't ******* use it at all. ******* censoring the word **** doesn't give the word it's full mean. I mean ****, how hard can it ******* be?

SmallBean 12

1. That's quite alright, it could've happened to anyone.

You're a f--king No life ****** spilling his love on the internet when noone gives a f--k about it.. Censoring is the f--king shit!!

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39 who are you saying that to?...

Well good you're marrying up, he's just mad he didn't get to do the same

Alan, you're normally up at this ungodly hour, could you be so kind as to remove my earlier comment about censoring words, and I suppose this one will have to go as well. Or anyone of the Demigod's that roam FML at this time of night I know you're there. Shit you guys are quick.

30 - You're right. No one gives a shit about your love life. Keep that very personal, sappy stuff to yourself. Guy code.

In the words of OP "and we are going to do it ALLLLLLL night long!"

Is your new wife one of the people that agreed? No? Then who cares? They're just jealous

You don't have to be so rude. He is sharing his feelings about the woman that he cares about and loves and a guy that can do that is an amazing one in my book.

@30: Y'know you could have just said "he" instead of Phil, and saved yourself all the explaining....

He is married now. Why would there be a need for a second wedding reception?

When she realizes what everyone has been saying? Bit mean though, what a douche!

5, Ross from Friends could explain that one to you.

54 im probably going to get much hate on here... But ive never watched an episode of friends. Shows like that bore me to tears...

PrincessesCrown 17

Friends is the best I like Joey!

65- Yes, you are getting hate. But I don't think you should get thumbed down for your opinion so I will hate from a distance. >:)

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Hangover 2 was shit. It was the exact same movie as the first one.

87, That's why it is called hungover 2 It would be called hungover 2: recovering drug additives if the movie was different Still not so many people think like you, most of the people including me liked the second movie Shut up and be forgetten in history.... (I think I gone little far with the last sentence)

After reading 104's reply I had to check and see what the comment was again

Congratulations on your marriage! Just ignore them, if she loves you that's all that counts!

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I really could not tell what the heck your display picture was for a moment. It's a kitty. Everyone loves kitties.

How could you not tell from even the mini Picture? Damn blondes.

The blonde stereotype is wrong... In most cases...

How could you possibly make out a goatse from that?

Lol. It's a close up of my sleeping kitty. I have an issue with thinking she's my personal Nermal...

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Obviously she loves you, and that's all that matters. Enjoy your honeymoon.

xSonic 9

Well you chose her, and she chose you. All that matters

i wouldve retaliated by saying "she may be too good for me but im still gonna hit that tonight!"

OP even though his family hates you, and you probably hate your bastard father-in-law just keep in mind your screwing his daughter

Ouch. At least you love eachother. That's really the most important thing. :)

As long as she loves you, as far as I'm concerned you're going to have a great life with your new wife :)

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Why is this thumbed down?? I totally agree! That'd be so embarrassing for everyone to agree in front of everyone else, but they're really just saying OP picked a winner:)