By stalkered - 22/07/2009 04:27 - United States

Today, I finally figured out who has been stalking me for the past 5 months. And we're related. FML
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I can't believe that there are more FYL votes than YDI ones. For God's sake, it's your fault, because you didn't learn what you should have learnt! Stop whining and start learning! Geez!

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does the stalker know your related, but that's beside the point, tell someone

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I hate this recent trend of people posting half complete FMLs.

i know what you mean earlier they posted "today, my husband gave me a pearl necklace. it wasnt actually a necklace. FML" then it changed to this, then they took it down, moderated all the comments asking what happened, and reposted it,

yeah where the hell is my original comment? FML is so stupid

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haha if it is then this op is the crazy one not that poor guy