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It's actually true. If you wake a sleepwalker, there's a risk they might hurt themselves or you without realizing it. What OP's dumbass husband should have done is some how turned her around without waking her, guided her back to bed and she wouldn't have ended up in the pool! Perfect solution!


Last year, there was a girl in my AP psychology class that sleepwalked (slept walk?). She said that if you wake a sleepwalker, they could strike out and hurt you without realizing it (out of fear and disorientation.)

  Drizzelhell  |  3

Yeah ya don't want to wake us sleep walkers. My lil bro woke me one time and the next thing i know i see him screaming and blood everywhere. But he most certainly should have stopped chuckling like a little school girl and jumped in or helped out prevented or something along those lines to keep her from going in the water. Well wait till he's asleep and wake him with some cold ice water


It is very dangerous, actually. I sleep walk and my best friend decided to wake me up. She got sent to the hospital because I punched her in the throat because it scared me. Don't wake up sleepwalkers.

  22cute  |  17

Having said that, the OP can hardly "lighten up" given her perspective.
Imagine your fast asleep dreaming away...suddenly you wake to a cold splash! Disoriented! Choking! Flailing! Drowning! And find your beloved laughing AT you and video taping your fear & confusion.
Its all about perspective, #3. Let sleeping dogs lie.

  alycion  |  38

I agree with you on both counts myself. I'd be laughing but understand why poor op is not happy with hubby. I just hope that while he was recording he was prepared to help if needed. Op, glad you are ok.

  Mitcha857  |  0

Actually OP does not need to lighten up. People have died by sleep walking and falling into water. If my wife was potentially drowning in water I'd be trying to save her, not laughing my ass off.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

50, thank you! My boyfriend wakes me up when I stop breathing in my sleep, due to severe sleep apnea. I wouldn't find it humorous if I woke up to him laughing at me, while I was unable to breathe. I feel awful for the original poster. I can't imagine how scary that is for her.

  CaptTeemo  |  10

^ I don't see filming some one sleep walking is that dumb. Sorry, I just don't. Also that's how some really funny videos are made. If some one was there to stop it, then the funny incident never would of happened

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

Provided he eventually reaches for you, pull him in and get out, take a moment to laugh (an evil laugh, if it better suits you) and go to bed after a nice soak in the bath. Make the best out of a bad situation OP!