By anonymous - United States
Today, I finally decided to get back at my roommates for eating all my food. First thing that kept disappearing was my water, so I decided to add lots of laxatives to my water this way the first person to go to the bathroom nonstop was the culprit. I forgot I had done that when I drank some myself. FML
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  alicexox  |  0

I think OP was more or less pissed of with the concept that people were taking her shit, water just being an example of one of these. Stealing is stealing, the Bible says no!

  bitesize98  |  0

i'm sure if she wakes up and is really thirsty and all her bottled water is gone she could always settle for tap water wich she should do anyways cause bottled water is a stupid waste of money and plastic. duurrr!


Well, OP said that she put the laxatives into her own water (that the other roommates happened to be taking), so I don't think that would qualify as poisoning. If someone tried to take her to court, she could just say that the water was hers and she could do whatever she wanted with it.

By  SunlightVeins  |  0

Did you tell your roommates what you did and why you were in the bathroom? If not, just do it again and enjoy the fact that you probably gave your innards a cleaning, lmao.

By  StaticDown  |  0

Well it sucks but it's not the end of the world, a lot of people have to take laxatives cause of an unhealthy body and not going so often, it's not gonna hurt you, it could actually help
Also at least now your roomates can't blame you cause they know you got it too and why would you do that to yourself? Well you can tell them you don't know where the crap came from and they should believe you and if there's a roomate that doesn't get it then he'll most likely get the blame... Or just blame the food, I bet they wont wanna touch it again!

By  arcades_fire  |  0

YDI. Not because you tried to get even but for wasting money on WATER. I'm assuming it was water bottles you are talking about.

By the way, messing with laxatives can be dangerous.

  ico2  |  2

yes, buying water is incredibly stupid.
I can just about understand it if you're out, but at home? Rich and/or stupid.

(and it's bad for the environment, too!)

  monkey314159  |  0

wow, I didn't know I was rich for buying water at 13 cents a bottle. I like grabbing a bottle of water for when I make the long drive to work. Also, all tap water isn't equal.

By  chellinha93  |  0

YDI- It's water, and I know it sucks when people get your stuff especially food, but you gotta learn how to sit and talk srsly. That was very immature and unnecessary.