By someone - 01/04/2014 19:21 - United States - Point Pleasant

Today, I resorted to the oldest prank in the book: laxatives in the food. Except it wasn't for a prank, but just a desperate attempt to get my clingy boyfriend to leave me the hell alone. I think I'm going to hell. FML
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if you have to go to such drastic measures then maybe you shouldn't be with him.

Perhaps you should just break up with him rather than do him bodily harm... Just a suggestion.


if you have to go to such drastic measures then maybe you shouldn't be with him.

He may be the type of guy who's so clingy, that he doesn't accept any attempt to breakup with him. I had an ex who refused to accept it. Even after I got a new boyfriend, he went and told anybody who would listen that we were still together, and that my new bf was the guy I was cheating on him with. Some people are crazy.

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Don't let her lie to you guys. We are still together and madly in love. She'll realize it someday.

#18, I wish he was that calm about it :P it only got resolved after breaking and entering, and a chat with the school administration, a police officer, and our parents.

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He sounds like the crazy ex stalker type o.o. Damn I feel for you. Had to deal with that once. It got resolved when I threatened to get the police involved.

He is. He still continued to call my house and leave letters in my locker until we graduated, but I ignored it. As long as he didn't actually come near me, I didn't really care. I have this amazing talent for finding really unhinged guys. I hate to admit it, but I'm totally that girl that's like "Oh you're emotionally damaged and you have no one to lean on? I'll be your friend!!!" And then I totally don't notice signs of craziness until it's too late. What I lack in good judgement and a sense of self-preservation, I make up for with naivety and hasty decision making.

#13 wow, your ex is nuts. To OP, it's time to either leave him or send him to therapy. Actually, you may want to join him.

Desperate times call for desperate measures...

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I would hope so. Unless the boyfrine dragged her into the bathroom with him.

What if he started face timing you while he was on the toilet...

What a lovely image you just put in my head. Thank you for that.

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Hahahahaha this is great. Some people have pissed me off enough that I've almost done this

Perhaps you should just break up with him rather than do him bodily harm... Just a suggestion.

11- I would assume if she's to the point of feeding him laxatives just to get some space, she's probably already tried talking to him. Also, talking to someone that clingy doesn't work. I've been there. His reaction was "why don't you want to spend time with me anymore? Don't you love me? Are you cheating on me, is that why?" There's no reasoning with guys like that, they're crazy.

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That's the *****. So sorry OP.

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That's a little harsh OP, but a classic prank.

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Points for thinking of that. I'd be to scared to tell him to get away.

All of these "clingy partner" FMLs need to stop. Either talk to him about it or leave him. It's that ******* simple.

Yeah, but drugging someone is just so much quicker. People never see that there are actual dangers in this because it OTC.

Accidentally downvoted and apparently you can't fix it. My bad. But yeah, OP is a spineless, careless bitch.

I bet OP's boyfriend is gonna shit himself when she finds out about this.