By jellybean - 06/11/2009 23:37 - United States

Today, there was something itching me in my bed, it was the tag to my pillow case. I ripped it off, very hard and slipped and punched myself right in the face. I broke my nose. FML
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bringtheheat22 0

thats what you get for breaking the law.

Well, atleast it is better than the dude who cut himself with a spoon. And the people who read the FML who tried to cut themselves with spoons. I suppose I could understand that he had an itch and then went to pull a tag. I've jumped off of things and kneed myself in the face. OP FYL.


AHAHAHA... that's actually ******* great yo. I'll have to favourite this one. YDI for not getting the scissors/for caring so much.

bringtheheat22 0

thats what you get for breaking the law.

chrisgllgs 0

if you actually read them it says only the consumer can remove that tag its only illegal for the manufacturer to remove the tags.

LOL, favorited. The way I pictured this was priceless.

Sounds like something I would do, although I don't see how you broke your nose from that... lol. Nosebleeds, maybe. Lots of pain in your nose for awhile... yea... lol >_>

noshitsherlock 0

HAHHAHAHHA that's funny because you're stupid. Ever heard of this invention called scissors?

You sick ****, she would've stabbed herself in the face!

jons_phucked 0

wow must have hated that tag...

kravitzz1990 0

ive done that with cupboards that are stuck shut!!! feel ur pain... ouchy!!

dudeitsdanny 9

Why didn't you tuck it into the pillowcase..? But this FML made me realize that the only pillowcase I've had with a tag was a Winnie the Pooh one years ago.

You put the tag end into the pillowcase first dummy.

956TXking 0

FYL but you broke your nose with your own hand? Aggressive you are :)