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  scrapmetal58  |  9

And vegetables are bad? If you have that much junk food, you really should eat the vegetables. Unless of course you don't eat much junk food and your roommate is the cookie monster.

  PlasmaPorter  |  12

Unlike some people, my dad rAised me correctly. I don't always eat ice cream or cookies or other bullshit like that unless it's a special occasion. Some people complaining... broccoli is good if it is steamed and so are brussel sprouts. Some people don't know how lucky then have it to get to have that BS. I for one do not prefer sweets. :D

  H3YG1RL  |  0

You see, well the problem with your solution is that I live with a certified-holistic-nutritionist (a crazy health nut)-of-a-mother who won't let me bring any junk food in the house. My life is an FML. :(

  aeshleyrose  |  6

I see your point 74 but the "good stuff" which should only be an occasional treat usually makes up the majority of an average diet. I'm not saying her roomie should be forcing her into veganism, but it can't be denied that it's healthier in some cases. Plus unless her roommate is a total psycho I doubt she did it for no reason ;)

By  Zmeilerr  |  22

Your weight should be none of her concern. I would personally make her pay the next grocery bill, seeing as you have nothing to eat, and she's eaten just about all of it.