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  143dav  |  8

Were you on something when you wrote this comment? I mean I don't know any dogs that understand what I say completely and like carrots... First comment pressure getting ya? Well I must say I like your sense of humor though.

  IOmnomHard  |  10

The joke was kind of cute. I'd rather see this get thumbs up rather than some dumb 'What a shitty situation!' Comment like you used to see get thumbs on older FMLs.

  WaSiSimiLang  |  8

Idk... I'm getting the feeling most people care very much about thumbs especially thumbs up though for the life of me I can't figure why... Then to get more attention they type crap like " braces for thumbs down " to psych themselves for the worst while at the same time hoping their comments get thumbed up. To make a joking competition when they get thumbs down too...

  patrickalamo  |  47

Next time:
1. Take the dog outside
2. Fill a turkey baster full of h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide)
3. Squirt it down the dogs throat.
4. Stand back, projectile vomiting and your ring will follow.

  DogsPaw  |  16

I would take him/her to the vet, they can't digest a ring, so it's free to nick any soft tissue on it's way out and then you will have some very serious problems.


34- Did you consider that maybe the OP actually wants the ring back? A gift from a loved one is special because of who it's from and the thought behind it, whether it's a ring or a card.

  alycion  |  38

I have a husky. That dog can open things you wouldn't think a dog could. Hell, most dogs are good at getting into places you wouldn't expect. Sometimes you think you have everything out of reach and they find a new way to amaze you.


My cat, my little 6 1/2 lb cat, ate the bell off of our Christmas tree topper. The tree was over 6ft tall & in the middle of the room. Explain that one! There is almost no place a resourceful pet can't get to...