By summerbabe77 - 22/07/2012 03:58 - United States - Medford

Today, my dog somehow managed to swallow a ring that my mother had bought me. Now I must carefully poke and search through each pile of dog crap I find in my yard for the next week. FML
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A diamond in the ruff.

chillyCholo 5

Because dogs eat carrots so often..


ant1ion 12

Must have thought it was a carrot, from you talking about the karats in the ring

chillyCholo 5

Because dogs eat carrots so often..

Were you on something when you wrote this comment? I mean I don't know any dogs that understand what I say completely and like carrots... First comment pressure getting ya? Well I must say I like your sense of humor though.

ant1ion 12

Sorry forgot you guys are extremely literal and don't take jokes

We take jokes... Just not bad ones :)

ant1ion 12

Hey hey... It was bad I am ashamed I will now walk away

The joke was kind of cute. I'd rather see this get thumbs up rather than some dumb 'What a shitty situation!' Comment like you used to see get thumbs on older FMLs.

SystemofaBlink41 27

14- my dog used to eat carrots...

I'm sure the dog can tell it's a ring and not a carrot...

ant1ion 12

You are late at commenting

Am I really? Thanks for letting me know.

ant1ion 12

You're welcome, anytime :)

#1 - Since when is it too late to comment like you're the FML police of this thread?

oh my that was a terrible joke dog loves carrots.

Junkie_Razor 20

82. Gold ring?

CountMango 5

*very obligatory shitty situation comment* *braces for downvotes*

ant1ion 12

I'm beating you at down votes

Why did you do that if you knew it wasn't going to work? The worst part was that you didn't even write the crappy pun correctly.

SystemofaBlink41 27

15- hehehe "crappy" pun...

Idk... I'm getting the feeling most people care very much about thumbs especially thumbs up though for the life of me I can't figure why... Then to get more attention they type crap like " braces for thumbs down " to psych themselves for the worst while at the same time hoping their comments get thumbed up. To make a joking competition when they get thumbs down too...

weasel123 9

What a wonderful way to spend your week... Hope you find your ring, OP!

Revan501 15

Yeah looking through dog crap is awesome!

Glitterhinoceros 14

I spend all of my weeks like that.

GovernorGeneral 8

Oh all the glorious things OP will find. Makes me so jealous.

Daftendirekt1 0

How has no one made an American Pie reference? Haha. Still that sucks OP, hope you get your ring back.

Next time: 1. Take the dog outside 2. Fill a turkey baster full of h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) 3. Squirt it down the dogs throat. 4. Stand back, projectile vomiting and your ring will follow.

87- as funny as that may be to you, I'm pretty sure the dog would get some pretty serious burns down his throat

I would take him/her to the vet, they can't digest a ring, so it's free to nick any soft tissue on it's way out and then you will have some very serious problems.

A diamond in the ruff.

Gotta love that. Spray each lump with high pressure hose until OP eventually uncovers it

GovernorGeneral 8

You're so stupid.

GovernorGeneral 8

Look at #5's profile. 3';

syley 5

Maybe I'm wrong, but if you spray a pile of crap, with a ring in it, with a high pressure hose will the ring not go flying?

All I could think of when I was reading this was American Wedding

Maybe try explaining it to your mom...? And not searching through dog shit.

Her mother may have passed away? And besides, it may have been very expensive. A little discomfort isn't a reason to give up so easy.

True, but I always find that 'things' don't told feelings or memories, as well as a person does. They're only things.

Still need to make sure that it passes safely even if you don't care about the object.

34- Did you consider that maybe the OP actually wants the ring back? A gift from a loved one is special because of who it's from and the thought behind it, whether it's a ring or a card.

MikeMikeTheAzn 3

Don't worry OP! You'll laugh about this one day ;)

dee7822 3

I'm laughing about it Now! Sorry OP

I'm sooo sure your neighbors won't look at you awkwardly when you are busy excavating your "artifact".

kdog333 1

lock him in a kennel and let him think about what hes done.

...That's kind of mean. I'm sure the dog didn't do it with the intent to upset OP. Probably thought it was just really shiny numnums.

I truly doubt the dog had an agenda. Locking the pet in a kennel is unnecessary since he won't understand why

Junkie_Razor 20

16 I thought it was funny. Apparently no one else got it.

Haha, I thought it was funny too. People take things too literally on this site

Personally, I think that is normal... Compared to what my dog used to do... But good luck OP!

Don't be so reckless to leave it laying around where the dog can reach it!

I have a husky. That dog can open things you wouldn't think a dog could. Hell, most dogs are good at getting into places you wouldn't expect. Sometimes you think you have everything out of reach and they find a new way to amaze you.

My cat, my little 6 1/2 lb cat, ate the bell off of our Christmas tree topper. The tree was over 6ft tall & in the middle of the room. Explain that one! There is almost no place a resourceful pet can't get to...

GovernorGeneral 8

#59- Is that your husky? I think he found his way to your liquor cabinet.

GovernorGeneral 8

Can you not start off a comment with a number anymore ?!? It took me 3 tries before i added the # before 59. Dang it.

Yeah that was him after a few hours at the dog park heh. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he found the liquor cabinet.