By Anonymous - 14/05/2015 02:37 - United Kingdom

Today, I got sick of my flatmate stealing my food so I decided to sabotage a leftover pizza with laxatives. I came back home later in the evening after a night of heavy drinking. Guess what I had to eat in my drunken stupor. FML
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Exactly! Your karma just bit your ass instead. Sorry though :/

What if he didn't have food and that was the reason why he is stealing from him?

#40, He shouldn't have moved out if he can't afford to live away from the family home...There's no excuse for taking someone else's food without asking

Brace for incoming "What a sh*tty situation" puns.

Only things worse than the puns themself are the people saying to prepare for the puns.

Passive aggressive notes work wonders

Fyl and ydi. You put laxatives on a pizza for your roommate for revenge and then you ate it. Good Try

Thanks for breaking this down for us.

I would have never figured this out without you.

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What goes around comes around.

Couldn't you figure out a more mature way of taking care of your problem?

Sometimes talking to your flatmate doesn't always work. My flatmate knew which food was mine, to the point I'd write my name on it, but he'd still eat it. I'd ask him not to touch my food as I was going to eat it after classes, to find the empty wrappers on the worktop and a massive mess. Some people are honestly just dickheads. Can't wait to move out, July is just round the corner.

Omg you so got what you deserved. Should just talk to your flatmate bud

Probably has but the flat mate keeps on stealing the food. This sounds like a desperate act of last resort to me, but I could be wrong.