By HorrorByrd - 26/07/2009 20:06 - Canada

Today, I went on the large bungee drop at the West Edmonton Mall waterpark. As I was falling, my bikini top came off. I had to wait for the bungee rope to stop moving and the life guard to release the ankle strap. FML
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sounds like fun! was the lifeguard cute?

There are things you don't do when wearing a bikini unless you don't care about showing your boobs. 1) Go swimming at high tide on a windy day. 2) Water-ski (or anything that involves you being dragged behind a boat). 3) Do anything that involves the bikini's very weak fight against gravity (ie: bungee jumping) YDI, but nice rack ;)


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sounds like fun! was the lifeguard cute?

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hahaha! i was about to say the same thing :D please reply at the right comment.

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YDI for bungee jumping. Btw I wish I was the lifeguard.

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The fact that she was wearing a bikini doesn't really indicate how attractive she is. Arguably, you could say it might mean she's probably not overweight, but she could still be ugly. sf_killer - Not every attractive girl is stupid. I hate that assumption. Try talking to one some time, or maybe stop being so jealous. I'm not sure what your situation here is.

I was there when It happened she wasn't half bad. Awesome sightseeing for tourists :) who says Edmonton doesn't have any tourist attractions XD!

bexox, sf_killer did not say "every" he said "usually" and I do agree with this statement.

I don't agree with that statement at all. Mostly it's just men making that assumption while checking the girl out from the distance because they don't have the guts to actually go talk to her. When my husband first met me he thought I was stuck up and was just a pretty face with nothing in my head...he changed his mind very quickly when he actually got to know me.

I complely agree if she was hot u would wear a bikin to a water park. Well I hope hot girls wear bikinis to waterparks.

I was there! I'll never forget that. Thanks OP for the good laugh! FYL

haha I saw this in person.woot go Edmonton

shouldn't have worn a bikini top on a bungee jump then, should you? what did you think would happen?

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Makes sense :P I probably wouldn't think something like this would happen, either, but it's always smart to bring back up lol Now you'll know to wear a shirt over it :] Plus, weather it falls off or not, you're going to show somehow lol

And what you say is a bad thing.. how?

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She was at a waterpark. When you go to a waterpark, almost everyone is in a swimsuit. Other people were probably jumping in their swimsuits and it just so happens that HER bikini top decided to be a bitch.

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if she has nice ****, show em off. get laid!

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Wow I bet that was exciting ^^.

YDI for not making sure it was tied well before jumping

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YDI for wearing a bikini. No purpose besides flanting your boobs.

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Wow your an idiot? She deserves it for wearing a bikini? Wow loosen. Danng. Uptight much?!

No, you're an idiot. She actually does deserve it. :p Bikini tops are already small-ish and like the OP proved, not tight enough. Bungee jumping with one is just not the smartest thing to do.. Put a shirt over it next time, haha.

@45: Aha, I have to agree... I mean, she was trying to show off, and now she's done it for sure. Next time, wear a shirt when going on rides... After all, you could also get cold, going through the air liek that shirtless. Also agree with 5. There are just entirely too many FMLs about chicks' tops coming off... damn it, tie it better!

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ur a dumbass who doesnt walk around at a waterpark in a bikini/trunks

It's summer in Edmonton. Cold is a good thing. Fun fact about Canada. It's not always cold. We go from -30 (or less) in the winter to +30 (or more) in the summer. For you yanks, that's -22 to 86.

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She was at a water park.. Where you wear your bathing suit..nowhere in this entire fml does it even hint to her trying to show off.. The only reason she deserves it is for not tightening it enough before the jump.

YDI for bungee jumping in a bikini LOL

sounds like it was the opposite for the bungee guy though but you deserved it for not tying your top tightly and for living in canada

What's so wrong about living in Canada?

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For living in Canada! Canadians rule, fucktard!! OP- Sorry... was the Waterpark fun, though???

Americas hat? please we're bigger and we're on top. if earth were a prison you would be out bitch. And i was actually at the waterpark when that happened. me and my friends laughed our ass off. the chick wasnt even remotley close to pretty.

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@69-we'd be your bitch just because you're fat? the U.S.A. is the most well-armed country in the world (we've got enough nukes to destroy the world several times over), so I think you'd be our bitch

To me Canada isn't really a country. I mean you never hear about it in the news. For all I know there are just a bunch of people up there and together create Canada. but I don't care because one of those people's names is Mike Myers. (-:

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Yeah, #8 is just trolling and looking for a rise out of canadians. 51 on the other hand, is a straight up douche. The reason Canada is less prolific in the world is because we don't do obnoxious and idiotic things like America has done for its well-earned reputation. Go ahead, vote this down if you feel like it, America.

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Oh, and 74, don't think you have the right, as a resident of the most obese country in the world to call any other country fat. I laughed when I read that. Also, there are a dozen other countries at least that have enough nukes to blow up the world. Does that somehow make America worth living in? Unless we're still operating in the "my club is bigger than your club so i get pretty lady and eat first animal" age.

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Just for the record..... I am from the states and I don't hate Canada... I hate when ignorant ***** give us a bad reputation.... >_< Also, stop hating on her just because she wore a bikini! If I were comfortable with myself then I would wear one too. She was at a water park and that is probably what she is use to wearing in the water... I'm sure everyone has done something that they should have thought about before hand. It's human nature.

To 74: The US may have larger military but have fun keeping them alive and prosperous without the immense amount of natural resources Canada supplies to the US and other countries. If each country had to fend for themselves, Canada would dominate because we have everything... Also pretty much the only time Canada and the US fought, we won, burned down the white house and stole Detroit, but kindly returned it because we are nice like that.

Canada today is nowhere near equal to Britain back then. Wow.

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@74, even though i'm american, I disagree. We are a fatter nation than canada is. And just because we can blow shit up doesn't make us a good country. I know several canadians who are some of my best friends. So go eat a dick.

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To 75: You never hear about Canada in the news because American media outlets tend to be way to wrapped up in thir own issues. Generally speaking, unless a news story is relevant to America, they don't care to report it.

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Canadians are friends, not food. :)

America=Canada's attack dog If ever there were a threat to Canada, America would just run to our aid like a good boy. We let you off your leash from time to time but at the end of the day, you’re still our little bitch. Right below us, at your master’s feet where you belong. Like a good pet owner, we provide you with food, fresh water, and resources. So never bite the hand that feeds you America, or we’ll put you to sleep. Now get back to work on guarding our doorstep and digging for our oil bitch.

haha i found the americas hat thing pretty funny but i think canandas pretty sweet. they got the park rangers with funny hats and smoke shops.. i.e not the kind you buy things to smoke with... except for the cold

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HA! I am from Great Britain and all I can say is that no one across the lake even cares about Canada. What a boring country. I visited my auntie there once. What a boring country. Stero-typical Americans maybe self-absorbed and whatnot, but they certainly aren't boring! I'd take America over Canada everyday. (Though I might add neither of you hold a candle to Great Britain.)

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Well, from OUR side, Great Britain aint so "great"... Canada is awesome, and not boring at all!

Great Britain nobody invited you, this isn't a tea party, so get back to your side of the “lake”.

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If we had taken the top half of the great lakes in the 1800's we would own you. like 90% of Canada's population is on the lower 10% of land- closest to America

@142 Why would we need some big protector when we don't go pissing off other countries? You wonder why everyone loves Canada... Gee, maybe because we don't go bombing people. Go check your cholesterol level and get lost.

#74 sorry but pretty sure north korea could pwn u

@#138 you're right. I'm canadian and now live in the US, and i can see the difference. when i watch the news in canada, we hear about issues around thje world. the US is a close minded/not opened on the world country. canada rocks

Do you just watch the local news? CNN and other news stations constantly report about whats happening in the world but recently with the whole Obama healthcare fiasco it has been mainly centered around that. Also, most Americans could care less about 1 guy dying in China which has a population over a billion.

@185. If Canada rocks so much, why the **** did you move to the US? Go back to Canada.

You are an idiot. Canada is a great nation, but so is America. There is no comparisson between the lights of New York and the rolling hills of BC, just two completely different but equally breath taking sights. America will not defend us in the event of an attack for free, they would obviously expect concessions on oil and hydro. We help them in Afghanistan, they help us when we need it, which we will soon. There's a reason that our two countries have lasted peacefully since 1812, and that is because we don't make jackass comments like yours unclevercomment_FYL

I think that both countries are great and we should see each others as equals. America has the army and Canada the resources, though it's not like either country doesn't have the oothers strong suit. America has some resources but not as much as Canada does and Canada can hold heir own in a war but as far as I know America is far more badass. As far as I know he only time that the USA has ever fought Canada was in the war of 1812, and that was England not Canada. They wee only situated in Canada. And as far as I know we took Detroit back. I think we should remain friends and equals.

Because having enough nukes to destroy the world once wasn't enough... That's definitely something to be proud of #74, the ability to blow shit up obviously makes you better than the rest of us.

lmao america runs on donuts and u call us fat

why would we be your bitch? r u not in an economical down spiral?? before you insult THE LAND OF THE AWSOME think about your own ****** up shit turd of a country. btw: your country is so ****** up that u had to have a ****** civil war just because some rich ass white man wanted a slave. I say **** u it's there business

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Um I'd rather be Canadian than American any day (i'm Danish btw but live in america). In America practically half the country is overweight and everyone there is prejudice of any country that isn't the same as them. For example I once took a trip to china, everyone who knew about asked me if I was scared because China is "communist". China was far superior to America; no litter on the city streets.

who ******* cares about your army??? I sure don't! I'm from Canada and I honestly don't get what this endless "which country is better" fight ! -_-

What's wrong with Canada?! Jealous of our mall ? All the rides there are intense. One piece or two - something will get exposed on several rides

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I live in U.S... It's pretty sweet, don't really know much about Canada but it seems pretty chill..... Everyone just relax

damn wish i was there. FYL though, on the bright side, i bet you made someones day happier.

I am totally with you. I too wish i was there. Come you must have made some guys go hot in excitement there. That's a sort of achievement. Though i agree, your life sucks for going bare breasted in front of everyone.

Given the size of WEM waterpark, she probably made 1000 people's day better lol.

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I bet he took his time taking off the strap.