By pandora - 13/06/2012 09:08 - Israel - Palmahim

Today, I fell asleep on the bus. When I woke up, my head was resting on the broad, tanned shoulder of the smoking hot guy sitting next to me. I had drooled a little. FML
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Hmm, seems like a good ice breaker, lol.

g0ldenb0nes 6

He must not have cared too much if he hadn't moved. If a stranger fell asleep on me the first thing I'd do was move.


well at least you had a good excuse to rest on a hot guys shoulder :)

"Your shoulders look dry. Let me just drool on them for you."

TheDrifter 23

If he was upset about it, he would have woken op up right away. Go for it girl.

LoganBurrito 6

9- and that makes up for 3. Good job!

Hey I just woke up here, and this is crazy.. But here's me number, so call me maybe?

Exactly! And he didn't wake her up, and just let her drool on him, how sweet!! :)

Smokers these days... They do their bad habit even when they're having a fever. :/

66- wtf are you talking about? At least comment on the right FML -.-

But he was smoking so it gets rid of all the hotness. Or at least that's for me.

In this case, "smoking hot", means "ridiculously goodlooking".

He was smoking hot not smoking on the bus

wasnt Kurt Cobain quoting willie nelson when he said that?

Hmm, seems like a good ice breaker, lol.

Exactly! "I'm so sorry, let me make it up to you and buy you coffee".

Especially since I think its safe to say he didn't care THAT much, or he would've woken her up.

At least he didn't wake you up to get you off!

xoconnie 8

while you were sleeping or when u realized he was hot? lol imagine OP waking up, seeing him and suddenly drool starts coming out of her mouth hahaha

At least he let you keep resting there.

I once fell asleep on the bus and woke up to a lady pushing my head off her shoulders. She was still upset, despite how many times I apologized. At least your headrest was a lot more accommodating! :)

g0ldenb0nes 6

He must not have cared too much if he hadn't moved. If a stranger fell asleep on me the first thing I'd do was move.

It's better than being on a date with a sexy guy, and sharting when you try to let out a silent fart.

Isn't that reference from an FML from like 3 months ago?

It's also better than being on a date, wanting to say something, but then getting your head chopped off in the park. But I don't see how either of our scenarios are relevant.

They are relevant considering they are both awkward scenarios that happen around guys...obviously.

I don't always drool when I sleep, but when I do I make sure it's on random people on buses.

LoganBurrito 6

I don't always post overused jokes and swear, but when I do, ****.

Trisha_aus 15

Mr. Burrito, you're doing it wrong

LoganBurrito 6

Not again! Damnit table! (?°?°??? ??? You said it would be funny this time!

LoganBurrito 6

And you lied to me about those characters working on FML! Screw it, from now on I'm eating dinner on my water bed.

LoganBurrito 6

A lot :3 I'm having fun though, so sorry if I forgot to care about what random people that I don't know think of me. Bring on more thumbs down! I've been on a losing streak lately, so I wanna try to break my negative record on these failed comments.

caplox 6

"its not what it looks like!"

william8691 10

At least you didnt fall asleep with your face in his crotch.

PeytonBieda 8