By pootie - 11/12/2013 13:14 - United States - Miami

Today, I farted so loud that I woke myself up. And the stranger sitting next to me on the airplane. FML
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I'm jealous. :o I've never accomplished something like that.


I'm jealous. :o I've never accomplished something like that.

Hahaha too funny! it might have been awkward then op, but you'll laugh about it later on. and I'm sorry for laughing at your at expense but this made me giggle.

When you achieve something as spectacular as this, it is a sin not to put it on your résumé.

"Attention passengers, please fasten your seatbelts and remain seated. We seem to be experiencing some flatulence." No? Sorry

All you needed was a match and OP you could have been a walking, talking bomb threat! That's two reasons I don't want to sit next to you!!

F the person next to you's life for being seated next to fartsy.

The person beside them shot straight into the brace position, and took took the sick bag while they were at it.

perdix 29

Please return your anus to the upright and locked position.

This is eddies friend Jasmine. That's an awkward comment. Haha!

Jasmine, please return to your reality. We here at FML enjoy our own simplistic, sometimes humdrum existence. Thank you for your visit to FML Airlines, return again never. Have the day you have.

Thats actually pretty impressive. Gross but impressive.