By Wowsers. - 30/01/2010 08:47 - United Kingdom

Today, I was woken up by my own fart. FML
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Yea exactly and? This is by no means an FML, its not even funny in the slightest

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don't litter FML with this nonsense please

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Sounds fake. No normal human being can wake up in their own farts. If so, then your on the world record for the loudest farts :]

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I agree with won just live with it man

Ajjas013 6

Oh no, you'll never be the same.

WhooAaa relax! Y do u think it's nonsense

WTF #1 how is this an fml happens to me all the time

It's obviously not nonsense if the site approved it. Apparently they want stuff like this to be posted.

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I'm calling an mlia on this one

Danielt104 6

Well, you don't deserve it. You can't help a fart, but not really FYL either. Go post this on MLIA.

The first thing I thought when I read this was that it sounded like something that would be on MLIA. This is by no means an FML moment.

This is exactly why there should be one of the following buttons: 1.Who gives a ****? 2.So? 3.Your point is? 4.And? Take your pick.

And this has had a huge impact on your life?

I guess we all have a Cross to bear in life...

WTF it happens to you all the time? --> someones cool.. -.-

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maybe it smelt like sperm and it turns out he got raped last night by some gay dude

#64. Gere is your FML said won instead of one and people noticed noticed on FML.

happens to me all the time. i just feel better and go back to sleep :)

hey 97 this is a stupid fml and you know it so don't try to defend it

seriously haha how is this an fml?!?!?!?

It could be an fml if the OP woke up because they sharted. Other than that it's not.

9x_Periwinkle_x6 0

OH GOLLY your life is ****** becuase your excretory system was doin it's job! Oh Noes! what are you gonna do now? GAY

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it does sound familar doesn't it.?? what happened to being original...

iCrazie 0

lol my uncle was sleep one day farted loud as hell and woke himself up. a lot funnier when your their.

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LOL are you a robot or something?

he can't hear it so he think he doesn(t do it

Who cares? Stop eating bean burritos before bed. Wow. Retarded.