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By  perdix  |  29

When you've got you legs spread on your sheets, I can see how spreadsheets can come to mind.

Make sure you pay careful attention to that spot in Column G. And don't forget to use the Solver. It keeps trying, again and again, plugging in numbers, pulling them out, in and out, until it reaches your goal to your satisfaction.

Are you sure you're not really hot for your boss?

By  Improbability  |  0

LOL, are you my husband pretending to be from France? I swear he thinks up things he could do in Excel while we're going at it. Some guys just don't make a big deal out of sex. It doesn't mean they are gay, or unsexual or unloving. It's just not a big concern. Since you were already sexually excited, I'm sure the new excitement lent to that, even though it wasn't sexual. However, if you really do find cells, columns and macros sexually arousing, I'm sure they have a sexually deviant term we could look up...