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Today, I was eating a hot fudge sundae and said that the fudge was at the very bottom and I couldn't reach it with my spoon. My husband muttered, "Fat girl problems." FML
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trellz17 19

Well I guess that's a skinny boy problem too cause I hate that shit. I want all my fudge!!


Next time he wants sex, don't give it to him ;)

you could say sleeping on the couch issues

Thought it was ex-husband problems. (Or at least "husband with a bruised face because his wife is a pro slapper" problems.)

You better have a finger which is longer than a spoon then, fingers help with corners where the spoon doesn't fit true, but this is different.

trellz17 19

Well I guess that's a skinny boy problem too cause I hate that shit. I want all my fudge!!

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ileenefudge 29

#36 - Lol not literal at all actually. That would be like saying, "I'm eating a hot shit sundae right now." Unless that's how you meant it. Which disturbs me more.

ShadowlessSpear 21

Ok so I made a bad joke. Not sure how that makes me an idiot. And if it really bothers you, I'll buy you a hot fudge sundae, and have "Sorry" in cream on the top.

Sounds like judgy husband problems to me.... Damn, she just wanted the fudge.

courtjester86 8

Time for intervention! Use this time wisely to talk to him what could make a better marriage for you all or this will only get worse.

Fudge is obviously a big deal for people.

Intervention? If my wife was overweight I would intervene to get her to stay away from those hot fudge sundaes. Ok, some people can't help being fat but anyone can stop eating sugary junk food topped with more sugar. And now let the downvoting begin...

Omegapi197 12

I can't down vote your comment with out knowing if you would be supportive or a a#@ if she gained weight.

Imma skip the whole pot and kettle thing and just say your a dick.

And how do you know without seeing OP? And your comment suggests everyone is fat because anyone could have trouble getting the fudge.

Maybe he was just joking around :) he could of just thought of it like oh sounds like a problem someone larger would have and not about you, it's kinda rude but it's always nice to give people the benefit of the doubt.

why would only larger people have this problem?

yeaaah I'm pretty sure that's an everybody problem. who doesn't like hot fudge?

Pfffffffffffff that's a problem that everyone has regardless of size!

Can you say asshole? Kick him in the nuts! Sorry but fyl!

Bit of an over reaction here, don't ya think? Rude comments hardly warrant a kick to a sensitive area...

Have you ever been kicked in the nuts #11? NO ONE I MEAN NO ONE NEEDS TO GO THROUGH THE UNBEARABLE AGONY OF GETTING HIS BALLS SMASHED. Besides, kicking your husband in the balls means killing some of your unborn children.

There are plenty of people I think need their balls smashed with a sledge hammer, but then again I believe in an eye for an eye punishment system. I respect that many dont think violence is a solution and they may be right but I do.

I do too #42 but he didn't do something physical or even that mean. I think it was kinda funny. That wouldn't be an eye for an eye.