By Brennan Lebrun - 18/05/2018 05:00

Today, I went to my best friend's house to propose to my girlfriend of 6 years. When I walked in, she was having sex with my best friend's 37-year-old brother. She then yelled, ”You should have knocked first!” FML
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you don't deserve to marry a cheater... you dodged a bullet. find someone worth it

Thank Goodness you caught her now than later on!

Donut_Wizard 23

Maybe she was just practicing.

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Lobby_Bee 17

The things people say when they get caught red handed. SMH

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And watch she will turn it arround so you are at fault. Tell Shaggy sister bye

My response would have been, "What I should have done was BRING MY SHOTGUN. Hope he was worth it." And then walk right back out again.