By Badnewca - United States
Today, I drove home in my brand new car, hoping to surprise my girlfriend. She came out the house laughing, saying how funny it was, and how I look like a "twollop" in it. Then in all seriousness, she asked me when I was getting my "actual car" back from the garage. FML
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By  driscoll1985  |  0

It might be that you look like a trollop in it because its such a manly car and your just no beefcake enough to pull it off!!!!! I doubt it though.

Women are strange either way. Just have to say I look better better than you in and out of it - your a lucky girl!!

By  tick_tock  |  0

#2 Haha I agree, what is a twollop? Is that a British word? According to urbandictionary a twollop is:

A word (noun) that defines a stupid person, used by young people.

"hey, look at that guy over there. He's a twollop!"

Anyway that sucks for you!

By  Cheatx  |  0

Tell your girlfriend you need another driver to get your old car back, drive to a deserted place, and kick her out of your car. Then be like "Whose the twollop now?"