By Badnewca - 14/05/2009 06:07 - United States

Today, I drove home in my brand new car, hoping to surprise my girlfriend. She came out the house laughing, saying how funny it was, and how I look like a "twollop" in it. Then in all seriousness, she asked me when I was getting my "actual car" back from the garage. FML
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What's a twollop? Is it a kind of fish?


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lbumbblebee 5

what a waste of first comment smh...

immafiremylaser 0

What's a twollop? Is it a kind of fish?

Yah WTF is a twollop?? Is that some crazy british slang for douchebag???

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So what? OP's girlfriend could still be of British origin.

It might be that you look like a trollop in it because its such a manly car and your just no beefcake enough to pull it off!!!!! I doubt it though. Women are strange either way. Just have to say I look better better than you in and out of it - your a lucky girl!!

You're* for one, and two. You don't have to come in making douche bag comments that don't even need to exist. But hey, whatever. I'll deal with it.

Sucks. Especially if you like your new car.

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#2 Haha I agree, what is a twollop? Is that a British word? According to urbandictionary a twollop is: A word (noun) that defines a stupid person, used by young people. "hey, look at that guy over there. He's a twollop!" Anyway that sucks for you!

i'm pretty sure it's "trollop." what kind of car is it?

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I' m guessing you got a girly car? Or the type that maxes out at 83 mph lol?

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Tell your girlfriend you need another driver to get your old car back, drive to a deserted place, and kick her out of your car. Then be like "Whose the twollop now?"