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Today, my 3-year-old said, "Mommy, I can share my teddy grahams with you." I said, "Thanks, honey, you're so sweet." And I ate a few. When I popped the last one in my mouth, I said, "Oh no, all gone!" She said, "That's okay, I have more." Then pulled the next handful out of her underwear. FML
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rofl. that's kind of cute, yet gross.

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Ahahaha! That's kinda gross though. FYL because there's really no way you could have known.

how didnt you notice that they smelled like little boy or girl privets like seriously fyl and ydi

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ummm how do u know what little kids private parts smell like?? besides I'm sure the op did not smell the snacks. if u smell ur food and say " hmmm this smell like 3-year-old private parts... with a hint of lilac" then she had no way of knowing. FYL OP

Only cute when Tommy pickles pulls the screwdriver out his diaper.

Little boys and girls don't accumulate genital sweat as much as us dude. They wud smell perfectly fine.

this is a really awkward conversation. i dont think anyone besides a pediatrician should know that lol

rofl. that's kind of cute, yet gross.

Gross if she shat her self..... This just cute :P

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why would it make you gag? The kid is 3.. it's not like she's already has bodily fluid an things of the such down there. Unless she peed a little.. that's a little gross. lol

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It sounds like shes gonna grow up to be a 2girlsonecup kind of girl.

Hey, just think, in 20 years or so there'll be guys who would pay good money for her to keep doing that. :P

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More like 10 years based on current social norms :/

ooooh children :) but I really don't think this is an fml because I think all parents have to go through some gross stunt like are silly :)

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Well if you are a good parent, her undies and what's under them are clean. I bet you ate stuff out of your underwear when you were a kid too.

Haha. But am I the only one who has friends who also hide things in their underwear? Cell phones, money, the occasional (still wrapped) candy bar... It's the most personal and convenient pocket you can get. Okay, but still, kinda gross. Hopefully she's was clean, and I wouldn't be too surprised if you did this too as a kid.